Ariel Winter Gets a New Spade Tattoo on Her Wrist for Her Grandmother

Ariel Winter Gets a New Spade Tattoo on Her Wrist for Her Grandmother
By | On December 20, 2016

Gone are the days that Ariel Winter was known only as the geeky younger sister in ABC’s Modern Family; the 18-year-old actress has really come into her own over the past year, and her newfound maturity is evidenced at least in part by her rapidly growing tattoo collection. Just last week, Ariel Winter and her older sister, Shanelle Gray, hit up Dr. Woo for some fresh ink – Ariel opting for a small black spade on her wrist, while her sister had Dr. Woo give her a Roman numerals tattoo on her arm that matches Ariel’s.

Most of Ariel Winter’s tattoos are dedicated to her loved ones, namely the matching tattoo she has with her sister of the Roman numerals “X.III.MMXII.” The girls’ matching tattoos mark the date October 3, 2012, which is when Ariel moved in with Shanelle, who was granted temporary custody before Ariel was officially emancipated from their mother. This new spade tattoo on her wrist, though, is a tribute to Ariel’s grandmother, the actress revealed in a recent interview with ET, who taught the actress how to play poker.


“I have a spade on my wrist because I love playing cards more than anything,” Ariel said in the ET interview. “It’s my favorite thing to do. I’ve been playing poker since I was six years old – my grandmother actually taught me when I was young – so I have a spade for her.” Ariel’s spade tattoo is inked in black on the inside of her right wrist, and was done by celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo, on November 17. The following evening, the actress was spotted out on the town with a friend, wearing clear plastic wrap over the healing ink.


Although Ariel Winter has yet to show off her new spade tattoo on Instagram, the Modern Family actress documented her tattoo session with Dr. Woo via a series of Snapchat posts, in which you can see the artist working on Ariel’s wrist ink.

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