Mariah Cooley
Mariah Cooley

google-plus-shareMariah Cooley is a celebrity tattoo super fan turned featured author! Mariah loves her some Justin Bieber, so we try to give her stories that have to do with the Biebs, thankfully that guy is always getting tats and getting in trouble!

Justin tatting Jeremy
June 15, 2014 0 Comments

Justin Bieber Immerses Himself in All Aspects of the Tattoo Culture

Whether he’s getting matching tattoos with family and friends, or turning the tattoo gun on them and leaving a permanent mark on their skin and lives, Justin Bieber has clearly embraced all aspects of the tattoo culture. A recent picture posted on Justin’s “Shots of Me” page captioned “Up to […]

Harry Styles Hip Ferns Tattoo
April 26, 2014 0 Comments

Harry Styles Shows Off New Hip Tats While Performing in Colombia

Harry Styles delighted his adoring fans during a performance in Colombia this week, but the singer’s vocal prowess wasn’t the only thing the die-hard One Direction folks were psyched about. During a particularly intense moment on stage with bandmate Liam Payne, Harry lifted up his arms and showed off some […]


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