Is Christina Perri Planning on Getting a Face Tattoo??

Is Christina Perri Planning on Getting a Face Tattoo??
By | On March 12, 2014

Okay, so we thought Kristen Stewart was crazy for admitting last month that she wants to shave and tattoo her head, but singer-songwriter Christina Perri has just one-upped the Twilight actress, saying that she wants to get a tattoo of a British flag…on her face! Yes, despite all her ink, Christina Perri still looks beautiful when she gets all gussied up in fancy dresses, but we’re not sure if even she can pull off a face tattoo. It’s true that Christina, best known for her debut single “Jar of Hearts,” already sports a whopping 70+ tattoos scattered across her body, so at this point, she may be thinking “what’s one more?” And truth be told, with ink on her arms, fingers, back and chest, the girl has limited real estate. But a British flag on her face? Somebody needs to stage an intervention for Christina Perri and prevent her from ruining her gorgeous face!

During a recent interview with the UK magazine Star, Christina Perri said, “[I have] 70 [tattoos]! Including a British crown on my knuckle to remember that I wrote some of my favorite songs here.” She then said, “I’m thinking about getting a little British flag. I’m serious! On my face.” If you’re thinking that Christina may have just been trying to score some brownie points with the British mag, think again. The 27-year-old is a serious tattoo addict, and has previously said about her tattoos, “They’re pretty much everywhere. I’ve got one in every direction you look – between my fingers, on my arms, on my chest, on my back, all over.” In addition to the British crown tat on her finger, Christina also has several Italian tattoos celebrating her heritage, including a map of Italy, two sayings in Italian, and yes, an Italian flag. Pretty soon, she may add a British flag to the mix too!

christina perri tattoos1Thanks to a universal design incorporating red and black ink, Christina Perri’s tattoos are pretty cohesive, though we’re not surprised, because her addiction to ink definitely isn’t new. The singer has amassed her collection over the course of 12 years, starting at age 15, which is when her older brother also got his first tattoo. And though she has dozens and dozens of tats now, it doesn’t make any of the pieces less meaningful. “I get them all the time either when I’m inspired by something, by someone, or I want to remember a part of my life, or do something crazy – there’s so many stories for each of them.” She has also said, “When I get a tattoo it’s pretty spontaneous, and it’s kinda a thing where I think about it and then I’m not satisfied until I get it, so it kinda happens really quickly.” Sounds like Miss Perri may be adding a British flag tattoo to her face sooner than you think!

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  1. gravatar Sam Reply
    July 27th, 2014

    She is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!!!
    Intervention ASAP! Too gorgeous for words.

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