David Letterman Tries to Wrestle Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo Right Off of Him!

David Letterman Tries to Wrestle Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo Right Off of Him!
By | On June 22, 2012

Justin Bieber believes! And just to prove it, he got the word “Believe” inked on his left arm. Unlike many other Justin Bieber tattoos though, this new ink has nothing to do with his religious beliefs. It’s actually a tribute to Bieber’s most recent album, which was just released on Wednesday. Although David Letterman wasn’t thrilled about another Justin Bieber tattoo, which he wasn’t afraid to mention during the pop star’s interview, we think the Justin Bieber Believe tattoo will be a big hit!
On Thursday, June 20, 2012, Justin Bieber sat down with David Letterman to talk about his new album, “Believe,” and ended up getting into a bit of a scuffle with the late night TV host. Wondering what got Letterman into such a tizzy? Justin Biebers new tattoo! In a cute grandpa/grandson-type bickering match, Letterman and the Biebs argued about how Justin Biebers new tattoo helps how he looks. Bieber’s response? “It doesn’t not help the way I look!” Good one Biebs. Bieber also got in his own friendly little jab, calling David Letterman “grandpa.” Justin Bieber’s newest album was released on Wednesday, and as Bieber says to Letterman, “It was an important day for me. So, you know, I got ‘believe.’”

Justin Biebers Believe Tattoo Inspiration

“Believe” is the title of Justin Bieber’s third studio album, and it marks an important transition for Bieber’s pop career. We don’t blame him for wanting to mark the momentous occasion with a permanent “Believe” tat on his arm. Justin Biebers Believe tattoo is inked on the inside of his left arm near his elbow in big black capital letters. The font Bieber chose for his Believe tattoo is fun and playful, which seems to fit Bieber’s personality pretty well. We wonder what the Biebs’ girlfriend, Selena Gomez, thinks about the new Justin Bieber tattoo? Well, Selena Gomez has some tattoos of her own, and rumor has it she & JB are even planning on getting matching ink. It seems Justin Bieber’s love of tattoos may be rubbing off on the sweet singer and actress!

Letterman Warns Bieber Not to “Go Crazy”

With the tone of a disapproving father, David Letterman begs Bieber to say that his new Believe tattoo will be his last. Judging by Bieber’s reaction…we think not. Justin Bieber loves tattoos, which is obvious since he’s gotten three new ones in 2012 already, and we don’t think he plans on stopping anytime soon. After all, he’s only 18! There’s plenty of time for new Justin Bieber tattoos in the future, and you’ll see them here first. If you want to stay up to date on all Justin Biebers tattoos, check in with us periodically and we’ll be sure to keep you in the know!

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