Dean McDermott Reveals New Wedding Vows Tat for Tori on His Ribcage

Dean McDermott Reveals New Wedding Vows Tat for Tori on His Ribcage
By | On June 14, 2014

If Dean McDermott gets a new tattoo every time he gets caught cheating on wife Tori Spelling, he’s going to run out of real estate real quick. But, to be fair, Tori was asking for a “grand gesture” from her husband, who is suspected of cheating with multiple women in recent years, and she got it during the True Tori reunion special, when dear old Dean revealed a brand new tattoo of Tori’s wedding vows. Dean McDermott’s tattoo is inked on his left ribcage and reads “I will forever bring you [unreadable] when you are disheartened. I will wipe your tears with my tiny hands. I will comfort you with my body, and embrace you with my wings. I love you my beautiful boy for all of eternity.”

Dean and Tori are reportedly trying to get their relationship back on track, despite Tori being left in tears in last week’s finale when her husband headed back to Toronto for work, where he previously cheated on her with another woman. And Dean decided that surprising Tori with a tattoo of her wedding vows was just the ticket. In response to questions about the inspiration behind his new tat, Dean said: “I’ve broken these vows and it is a gesture of a new beginning. I’ll never break these vows again.” That sounds like a sweet gesture to be sure, but it’s not exactly original, since Tori also has a tattoo on her ribcage of Dean’s vows, which she got three years ago, while she was pregnant with their third child.

Earlier in the show, Tori Spelling met with a group of girlfriends and discussed her fears that Dean may cheat on her again, wondering if she should ask him to get another tattoo…in addition to the tattoo of her name Dean has inked above his penis. Yeah, you heard us. “Should I have him do a tattoo on his body?” Tori joked to her gal pals. “I mean clearly that didn’t stop him. You know the tattoo he has, right? Down there it says ‘Tori’s.’ And then months later he cheated on me.” If the two of them believe that yet another tattoo tribute to Tori will stop Dean from cheating on her again, kudos to them. We’re guessing that if the “Tori’s” tattoo above his penis didn’t put a stop to his philandering ways though, a ribcage tattoo won’t either. But cheers to them for trying!

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