Dude Got “Miley Cyrus” Tattooed on His Back

Dude Got “Miley Cyrus” Tattooed on His Back
By | On May 1, 2012

Watch out world! Miley Cyrus is no longer the innocent tween she was back in her Hannah Montana days, and there are plenty of tattoos, videos, and penis cakes to prove it! While Miley Cyrus has been busy racking up a dozen or more tattoos on various parts of her body since 2009, fans of all kinds have been collecting Miley Cyrus tattoos of their own. Some of these tattoos are tributes to Miley Cyrus’ music, her own tattoos, or just the star herself. This guy for instance, must have really been inspired by “Hoedown Throwdown” or “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” to go for this Miley-inspired ink.

It’s hard to imagine what kind of battle was going on in this guy’s head when he was trying to decide whether or not to get a Miley Cyrus tattoo. Seriously, this is what we’re picturing: “Should I or should I not get a nineteen-year-old girl’s name inked across my entire back in fancy script, even though she isn’t my sister or girlfriend, but is in fact a Disney-star-turned-pole-dancing-pop-singer who has starred in movies like So Undercover?” Or something like that. Anyway, the pro-Miley tattoo side somehow won out and this guy hit the tattoo parlor for a new back tattoo. How do you like it?

Tattoos of Miley Cyrus

It’s not uncommon for fans to get tattoo tributes to their favorite celebrities inked on their bodies, which we’ve seen with Megan Fox tattoos, Justin Bieber tattoos and Lady Gaga tattoos, to name a few. And since finger tattoos seem to be the next big thing, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a few heart, cross or equal sign finger tats just like Miley’s out there. Some fans have taken it a step further though and opted for more dramatic tattoos inspired by Miley Cyrus, featuring colorful music lyrics scrawled across the forearm, or the pop star’s name inked in large letters across the back, like in this guy’s back tattoo. As Miley Cyrus gradually adds to her tattoo collection, we’re sure we will see more tattoos inspired by the pop queen on fans in the near future!

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