Former Spice Girl Mel C Adds Feather Tattoo to Celtic Arm Band Ink

Former Spice Girl Mel C Adds Feather Tattoo to Celtic Arm Band Ink
By | On March 19, 2014

Melanie Chisholm (a.k.a. Mel C, a.k.a. Sporty Spice) of Spice Girls fame has always considered getting her old-school Celtic arm band tattoo removed, but the pop star has apparently decided to simply update the ink instead, showing off a new feather tattoo addition to her arm band this week. Mel C took to Instagram on March 18, 2014, to reveal her brand new ink, posing in a filtered make-up free shot with her right arm up over her head. You can clearly see in the photo a new black and white feather tattoo on the inside of Mel’s arm, intertwined with the Celtic arm band tat that encircles her upper bicep, which the singer got back in her early Spice Girls days. Mel captioned the photo of her feather arm tattoo simply: “New Ink.”

It’s interesting that Sporty Spice has opted for yet another tattoo, considering the fact that she has admitted regretting much of her ink in the past (except for her Tibetan wrist tattoos meaning “love” and “happiness” that she had done in Amsterdam in 2000. She says they remind her to be strong.) Then again, the singer just turned 40 in January and she, without a doubt, looks better than ever. She also admits that she’s physically fitter than she was in her 30’s, or even her 20’s, and judging by her guns, we would have to agree. So why not celebrate with some new ink? Funny she chose to add the feather tat to her Celtic arm band though, because that’s the one tattoo she has gone back and forth about removing.

“The first one I ever got was the band around my arm, it’s just so very 90s, it just looks really dated,” Mel C. has said in the past about her Celtic arm band tattoo. “Sometimes I think, ‘I hate that one, I wish I could get rid of it.’” Ever heard of laser tattoo removal Mel C? mel c feather tattooApparently she has, but admits that the idea of undergoing the painful, expensive procedure freaks her out a bit. Plus, she has become so attached to each of her dozen or so tattoos, she can’t imagine removing even the ones that she no longer cares for. “When I saw myself photographed and [the tattoos] were airbrushed out, it just looked so odd, they’re very much a part of me so I’ve grown to love them again.”

Although Mel C has her fair share of tattoos, including a detailed Celtic cross on the upper part of her left arm, a colorful dragon tattoo on her calf, and the Celtic band around her right arm, she revealed in 2012 that she would actively discourage her 7-year-old daughter Scarlet from getting ink in the future, since she was considering getting some of her own tattoos removed at that time. That was then, and this is now though, and Melanie has apparently reignited her love for tattoos, adding a feminine feather tattoo to her otherwise outdated and masculine-looking Celtic arm band tat. What do you all think of Mel C’s new tattoo? Hot or not?

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