Ireland Baldwin Got a New Arm Tattoo…Of a Pink Lace Bra!

Ireland Baldwin Got a New Arm Tattoo…Of a Pink Lace Bra!
By | On February 5, 2014

Ireland Baldwin is the queen of sexy selfies and belfies (butt-selfies), and the model didn’t disappoint on February 3, when she posted a sultry Instagram pic of herself and her new bra tattoo on her left arm. In the photo, captioned “zzzzzzzzz,” Ireland is laying on a bed with her eyes closed and her left arm casually draped near her head, showing off the new tattoo on her forearm of a pink lace bra with a black bow in the middle. The bra tattoo is inked directly below the black and white lotus flower tat Ireland had done in November 2013, and has us wondering why on earth an aspiring model would choose to have lingerie tattooed in such a visible place??

The daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger is just 18 years old, but she already has four tattoos to her name, including a lotus flower arm tattoo, the word “Truth” on the back of her neck, a cool arrow on the outside of her arm, and now her pink lace bra tattoo. Although prominent tattoos are becoming more and more acceptable for fashion models, Ireland’s new obsession with tattoos has us thinking she may be on the same track as the inked-up Cara Delevingne, but without the well-known name that keeps her career safe. Besides the folks at her modeling agency, there must have been a few other people who were less than thrilled about Ireland Baldwin’s tattoo, because the day after revealing her new ink, she tweeted this message to her followers: “People who comment on how ugly my tattoos are getting blocked.”

In addition to getting inked, Ireland must have had “get in shape” on her list of New Year’s resolutions, because the model has been hitting the gym hard, or so her latest belfie would have us believe. ireland baldwin belfieIn a photo that rivals Kim Kardashian’s signature butt shots, Ireland Baldwin posted on February 2 a picture of herself kneeling on a yoga mat with a bar over her shoulders, wearing a bright pink sports bra and tight black yoga pants. Ireland’s voluptuous derriere is front and center in the photo, which the 18-year-old captioned simply “#2014.” It must be tough being a young model and trying to get your name out there in the world, but if Ireland keeps getting tattoos and posting these sultry selfies, we have a feeling she’ll be a household name in no time!

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