Jordin Sparks Gets “J” Neck Tat; Is It for Jason Derulo?

Jordin Sparks Gets “J” Neck Tat; Is It for Jason Derulo?
By | On May 30, 2014

Pop star Jordin Sparks got a new neck tattoo over the weekend, and while she has hinted that the ink is a personal memento for herself only, many people are speculating that it may actually be a tribute to boyfriend Jason Derulo. Jordin Sparks’ tattoo is inked on the back of her neck, just below her hairline, and features a capital letter “J” done in a black calligraphy-type font. Jordin first revealed her new neck tattoo in-progress on Instagram on May 24, along with the caption “Yep, this just happened. Thanks @blkjaxtattooshack! You do incredible work! I LOVE IT,” and then followed that up with a pic of the tattoo itself, captioned: “My name is ‘J,’ baby, what’s your name?” You know who else’s name is “J”? Jason Derulo’s.

The phrase “My name is ‘J,’ baby, what’s your name?” actually comes from the song “Sex Girl” by Joe, and we have a feeling Jordin used that lyric to try and throw everyone off the scent of her relationship tattoo. If Jordin’s neck tat really is dedicated to Jason, this wouldn’t be the first time the singer has gone under the needle for her beau. A couple of years ago, Jordin helped Jason recover after breaking his neck, and soon after, the duo decided to get matching tattoos to symbolize their closeness. “Jordin and I both have the same tattoo, saying ‘more than yesterday,’” Jason has said, “and it means I love you more than yesterday, and also means I strive to be more than yesterday.” So, we wouldn’t be surprised if Jordin’s “J” neck tattoo is yet another symbol of her relationship with Jason. Plus, who gets their own initial tattooed on the back of their neck??

jordin sparks tattooJordin Sparks and Jason Derulo, both 24, are obviously committed to one another after having dated for nearly three years, and, according to the rumor mill, there may be wedding bells in their future. “We talk about marriage but we are in a really good place right now. We try not to go longer than two weeks without seeing each other,” Jordin is quoted as saying, and Jason recently penned a song titled “Marry Me” about the songstress. Even more convincing, the couple recently shared a steamy selfie of the two of them cuddling in bed with big grins on their faces, which was the “end result” as Jordin calls it, of her trying to get Jason to smile. Those two sure do make a cute couple; we’re only hoping Jordin didn’t just spell their doom with a relationship tattoo tribute to Jason…

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