Justin Bieber Scores a New (Fake) Tattoo for His Fans

Justin Bieber Scores a New (Fake) Tattoo for His Fans
By | On June 14, 2012

Remember when Lady Gaga got a “Little Monsters” tattoo inked on her arm in honor of her adoring fans? That was cool, right?. Well, Justin Bieber has also inked a tribute to his “Beliebers” on his arms, just not quite so permanently. Check out this video to see the newest Justin Bieber tattoo, which he got inked on his arms for all the Bieber lovers out there!

Justin Bieber looks super excited in this video of his “two new tattoos” (his words, not ours) while a chick scrawls the fan tribute across his left and right forearms. We’re sure Justin Bieber really does “heart” his Beliebers, but obviously not enough to get a real tattoo inked on his body for them. All of Justin Bieber’s tattoos that he’s gotten so far have been a little more…sober, to say the least. And even though Justin Bieber clearly loves tattoos, it’s hard to imagine the Canadian pop star getting this Belieber-inspired brand permanently tattooed on his arms. But who knows, stranger things have happened in the celebrity world.

Justin Bieber’s Tattoo is a Fake! (of course)

Just because the new Justin Bieber tattoo is actually inked in magic marker doesn’t mean he loves his fans any less, right? Lady Gaga may have been willing to put a permanent mark on her body to show her fans how much she cares, but Justin Bieber just wasn’t quite ready to take that step. Instead he opted to get “I Heart U Beliebers” temporarily inked down both of his forearms, which isn’t bad considering most of Justin Bieber’s tattoos are inspired by Jesus and his Christian faith. His fans may not quite live up to that standard. But hey, don’t fault the Biebs for not getting a real fan tattoo; for all we know, it could be permanent marker!

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  1. gravatar Lauren Reply
    August 1st, 2012

    Awwww thats sweet that he’d do that even if it isn’t real he has a heart of gold

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