Portrait Tattoos: A Growing Trend in the Celebrity Tattoo World

Portrait Tattoos: A Growing Trend in the Celebrity Tattoo World
By | On November 13, 2013

Once upon a time, R&B singer Drake rapped the lyrics “Tat my name on you girl so I know it’s real,” and while many celebrities have obliged with tribute tattoos of their loved one’s names or initials, others have taken it one step further with full-on portrait tats. The latest celebrity to get inked with a portrait tattoo is Miley Cyrus, who recently debuted an impressive vintage forearm tat of her grandmother’s likeness, but she certainly isn’t the only one who has immortalized a loved one in permanent ink. The portrait tattoo is rapidly becoming a popular trend among celebrities who want to prove just how far they are willing to go to prove how devoted (or crazy) they are. Check out the following list of pop stars and other celebrities sporting portrait tattoos of their loved ones.

Miley Cyrus’ Grandmother Portrait Tat

When deciding what to get done for tattoo number 22, pop star Miley Cyrus settled on a cool and incredibly detailed portrait tat of her grandmother, Loretta Finley. The black and white vintage piece was inked by celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D and is located in a very visible spot on the inside of her right forearm à la Megan Fox’s famous Marilyn Monroe portrait tattoo. Wondering why Miley chose to get a picture of her “mammie” inked on her arm? “Because I am her favorite & she is mine,” the pop star wrote on Twitter. Well, there you have it!

Justin Bieber’s Guardian Angel Tattoo of Selena Gomez

justin-bieber-angel-tattoo.jpgWhile most people opt for a relationship tattoo when they are still together, Justin Bieber broke the mold when he got a portrait tattoo of former girlfriend Selena Gomez…after they were already broken up. Justin Bieber’s tattoo is inked on the outside of his left wrist, just below his koi fish tattoo, and features a pretty poorly-done replica of Selena Gomez with guardian angel wings. The Biebs hasn’t admitted that the wrist tat was a tribute to Selena, but he’s not fooling us!

Amber Rose’s Funny Portrait Tat of Hubby Wiz Khalifa

Amber Rose's Tattoo of Whiz Khalifa's FaceEven though we think the image is a little ridiculous, we have to admit that Amber Rose’s tattoo of Wiz Khalifa’s face is really well done. Amber Rose’s black and white Wiz Khalifa tattoo is inked on the back of her left arm and joins a number of other portrait tattoos the inked-up model has, including a “throwback” image of her mother and a portrait tat of her two beloved dogs, Pauly and Franky. We’re not sure if Wiz should maybe be insulted that he came after the dogs, but he looks pretty darn happy in the tattoo, so we’ll leave it at that.

Chris Brown’s Tattoo of Karrueche Tran’s Face

As part of his impressive full-sleeve, tattoo-addicted Chris Brown added a pretty creepy portrait of on-again, off-again girlfriend Chris Brown Karrueche Tran TattooKarrueche Tran to his left arm in January 2012, only to have it removed when the couple called it quits less than a year later. The black and white portrait tattoo initially featured a replica of the Vietnamese model from a photo shoot in which she donned white war paint and sexy tousled hair, but now it’s just an empty spot waiting to be filled by Breezy’s next girlfriend. Lucky gal!

David Beckham’s Pin-Up Portrait Tat of Wife Victoria

When David Beckham decided to get his gorgeous wife’s likeness inked on his arm, he didn’t opt for just a boring image of her face like most other people. david_beckham_victoria_tattooHe went the extra mile and had a pin-up version of Victoria clad in sexy lingerie inked on his left arm in 2007. The six-inch Victoria Beckham portrait tattoo is inked in black and white and mimics a Bridgette Bardot-style photo shoot the former Spice Girl did for Pop magazine. David Beckham’s tattoo joins half a dozen or so other Victoria-inspired tats the soccer star has, so here’s hoping the couple never breaks up or laser removal will be David’s new best friend.

marco perego zoe saldana tattooMarco Perego’s Arm Tattoo of Zoe Saldana’s Face

Zoe Saldana’s new husband Marco Perego proved how devoted he is to his actress wife by recently getting her portrait tattooed on his arm. Relationship tattoos are becoming more and more popular among newlyweds, and may even take the place of a wedding ring one day! Perego’s black and white tat is a pretty cool-looking image of Zoe looking back over her left shoulder, surrounded by an oval-shaped frame, which finishes the portrait nicely. The couple was just married in June of this year, but judging by his arm tattoo, Marco obviously plans on being in it for the long haul.

Zayn Malik’s Perrie Edwards Portrait Tattoo

One of the most-talked-about portrait tattoos on a pop star these days is Zayn Malik’s cartoonish tattoo of fiancée Perrie Edwards. Zayn’s large portrait tattoo is inked in black and white on the upper part of his right arm, and features the punky Little Mix singer in hip huggers, a peace sign T-shirt and a fuzzy pom-pom hat. zayn malik perrie tattooThe One Direction singer stopped in at a tattoo shop in Glen Burnie, Maryland to get the tribute tattoo, which he designed himself. Now that’s true love.

Jim Jones’ Tat of Chrissy Lampkin’s Face

Rapper Jim Jones joined the portrait tattoo club and proved his love to fiancée and fellow reality star Chrissy Lampkin by getting her face inked on his arm this year. The black and white tattoo features a portrait of Chrissy with what looks like a couple of feathers in the foreground. Things have been kind of up in the air for the reality TV couple following Chrissy’s 2011 proposal, to which Jim responded “I’m wit you.” jim jones chrissy lampkin tattooClassy. According to Jim and Chrissy, they are planning to tie the knot sometime in the near future, but the portrait tattoo may have to do for now!

Drake’s Impressive Collection of Portrait Tattoos

When it comes to portrait tattoos of people he loves (or is weirdly obsessed with), Drake is the king. The singer started off his portrait tattoo collection with an image of the late Aaliyah, which he had inked on his back in 2011, despite never meeting the songstress prior to her death. According to Drake, he is in love with Aaliyah, but we think his admiration of the singer is bordering on creepy obsession. Ddrake-back-tattoosrake followed up his Aaliyah tattoo with several other portrait tats on his back, including a huge one of his grandmother and uncle hugging, and another of a mystery woman who we have yet to identify. He has quite the family portrait going on back there!

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