Miley Cyrus’ Roman Numeral Tattoo Addition or Cover-up?

Miley Cyrus’ Roman Numeral Tattoo Addition or Cover-up?
By | On May 25, 2012

The Miley Cyrus tattoo mystery continues with what appears to be an alteration of the pop star’s new Roman numeral tattoo. Miley was spotted with tatted-up brother Trace hitting up a tattoo shop in Hollywood just yesterday, and it seems the Roman numeral tattoo on her arm was the subject of the visit. Did Miley get yet another tattoo, or did she alter her new Roman numeral tat? Read on to learn more about the singer’s tattoo cover-up.

It’s been less than a month since Miley Cyrus’ new tattoo cropped up on the web, and the teen superstar has already been back to the tattoo shop! This time stopping into Manny Pacquiao’s tattoo parlor in Hollywood with her brother Trace, Miley Cyrus emerged a few hours later with a large bandage covering the Roman numeral tat she debuted earlier this month. Miley Cyrus still hasn’t said a word about the meaning of her Roman numeral tattoo, but it seems that she may have decided to get it altered in some way. Does she suddenly regret her decision to get a fourteenth tattoo?

Miley Cyrus’ Tattoo Means…Nothing?

Prior to the possible alteration, Miley Cyrus’ Roman numeral tattoo read “VIIXCI,” and was inked on the inside of her right elbow. While the meaning of the numbers isn’t yet known, Miley has been quoted saying that she could never get a meaningless tattoo, so the numbers must mean something important to her! Critics of Miley’s Roman numeral tat say the numbers have no valid meaning though, since they are inked all together with no spaces. We have faith in Miley’s tattoo choice though, and we think there are a number of possibilities for Miley Cyrus’ tattoo meaning, including the following dates: June 1, 1991, July 1991, or May 2, 1991. We’ll find out about the pop star’s tattoo mystery soon enough – she’s got to take that bandage off sometime, right?

Miley Cyrus Runs Up Her Tattoo Tab

This isn’t the first time Miley Cyrus has gotten a new tattoo and not said a peep about it. In May 2010, pictures of Miley’s love tattoo in her ear surfaced on the internet, but she had actually gotten the tat several months earlier. As the singer said, we were all a little “behind the times.” You can’t blame the public for struggling to keep up with Miley Cyrus’ tattoos though! We’re just hoping she doesn’t decide to go tat for tat with Trace.

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  1. gravatar tpsens Reply
    March 17th, 2013

    its written wrong ,look it up on wiki-,or its the number of people that she has slept with,or its the age of her current boytoy,(near social from the looks of it) or its designed to make us all type what what? in any case ,it aint right.

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