Sinead O’Connor Finally Decides to Get “B” and “Q” Face Tattoos Removed

Sinead O’Connor Finally Decides to Get “B” and “Q” Face Tattoos Removed
By | On March 2, 2014

Just five months after making the questionable decision to have two large red letters inked on her cheeks, Irish singer-songwriter Sinead O’Connor has decided to get her “B” and “Q” face tattoos removed. The tats, which are prominently inked in red on either side of Sinead’s nose, were first revealed in September 2013, and, according to the eccentric singer, were inspired by an altercation she had with a Mr. Brendan Quinlan, hence the “BQ” initials. Apparently, the two had a falling out and Sinead believed that he had “wrecked her life,” but our biggest question at the time was what the singer planned to do when she finally got over her beef with this Quinlan fellow. Now we know she’s opting for good old-fashioned tattoo removal!

When Sinead O’Connor debuted her “B” and “Q” face tattoos during a performance at the Bestival music festival in England last September, we truly thought she was off her rocker. The 47-year-old, who has been embroiled in quite a bit of controversy since she ripped up a photo of Pope John Paul II following a 1992 performance on Saturday Night Live, clarified her face tattoos (not really) in a blog post titled “Face Tattoo,” in which she wrote, “Brendan Quinlan..’It’s what it is’..Un ange passe. There’s a bottle of Agent Provocateur in someone’s room that belongs to me.” She really hit the mark with “Un ange passe,” which in French means “an awkward silence,” but her comments didn’t do much to explain the reasoning behind her tattoos, which will hopefully be erased from her face before too long.

Sinead O’Connor has had her fair share of troubles over the years, and in January 2012, she issued a series of tweets in which she pleaded for psychiatric help, saying that she was “really un-well…and in danger.” A few months later, the singer canceled a tour after revealing that she was “very unwell due to bipolar disorder.” It seems like Sinead is finally trying to pull herself together, and the infamous “B” and “Q” tattoos on her cheeks will apparently be the first things to go on her road to recovery. On the morning of February 24, 2014, the singer took to Twitter to ask for advice on getting her “B” and “Q” tattoos removed, writing: “Ok, it’s time to get this stupid sh*t off my face.” Sounds to us like she’s had a bit of a wake-up call!

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