Chris Brown Debuts Fierce New Tattoo on His Throat

Chris Brown Debuts Fierce New Tattoo on His Throat
By | On October 17, 2012

Chris Brown revealed yet another new tattoo on October 16, 2012, and it speaks to the strength the controversial singer will probably need to deal with all the criticism his reunion with Rihanna has churned up. Breezy took to Instagram to debut the brand new tat he just got inked on his throat – a large, fierce-looking lion – which joins the wolf Indian chief and Mexican sugar skull tats he got inked on his neck in July and September 2012, and the tattoo must have hurt like hell! Chris Brown has been adding new tattoos to his body like crazy this year, and ever since he was all but crucified by the media for getting what looked like a beaten Rihanna inked on his neck last month, the pop star has been trying to draw attention away from the controversial ink. A brand-spanking new lion tattoo should do the trick!

Breezy Brands Himself the King of the Jungle

Justin Bieber’s crown tattoo may mean he sees himself as the prince of pop, but Chris Brown’s new neck tattoo pegs the singer as the king of the jungle. Chris Brown’s tattoo features a large image of a lion’s head, and is inked directly in the center of his throat – which seems like a very unfortunate place to find yourself poked with a needle, by the way. Breezy didn’t release a pic of the new ink until October 16, but it was on October 15 that he posted a pic of himself posing with his tattoo artist, which sparked the first rumors of a new tattoo for the singer. Besides a possible obsession with animals (the singer has inked a snake, a wolf, and now a lion on his body this year alone, and he also has a bird tat on his leg), the meaning of Breezy’s lion tattoo could be any number of things, including strength, nobility, loyalty, courage and power.

Chris Brown and Rihanna are (Tattoo) Happy

Chris Brown Lion TattooWhen it comes to Breezy, it’s not easy keeping up with his tattoo addiction, and ex-girlfriend/current love interest Rihanna is right there with him. All this summer it’s been back and forth between Rihanna and Chris Brown and their numerous tattoos – some of which ended up in the exact same place on their bodies – which only fueled the already heated rumors that the two stars were getting back together. For example, amid news about Breezy’s throat tat, Rihanna was also spotted leaving a tattoo parlor on October 13, causing speculation about a new tattoo for the songstress as well. With his new lion tattoo on his throat, Chris Brown maybe needed a little tattoo pick-me-up after his highly-publicized breakup with former girlfriend Karrueche Tran, or the R&B singer may be hinting at the strength he feels now that the two hottest stars in the music industry are back in business. Either way, Breezy’s neck tattoo is pretty darn fierce and we think we like it!

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