Demi Lovato Supporters Show Dedication w/ Awesome Fan Tattoos

Demi Lovato Supporters Show Dedication w/ Awesome Fan Tattoos
By | On August 30, 2012

As tribute tattoos become more and more popular, super-dedicated fans of celebrities, singers and pop stars are hitting the tattoo parlor to get what they must believe is the ultimate proof of fan-dom. Demi Lovato, for instance, has found her name and even her portrait inked on the arms of fans, on their backs, and even inside their lips…that’s right, inside their lips. If you thought you were a fan of Demi Lovato, check out the intensely devoted individuals you’re up against in that category.

Lots of people have celebrities in mind who they are desperate to meet, or whose autograph they would die to have. Some fans are fortunate enough to meet the singer, rapper, actress, comedian or pop star who has influenced their lives with music, lyrics, humor or with obstacles they have overcome in their own lives, and some may have even gotten autographs that they now have framed on their bedroom wall. Other fans have taken their dedication to a whole new level though. Demi Lovato, for example, may be interested to learn that several fans of hers have opted for tribute tattoos to the young singer, some of which feature her name, and some of which have even attempted to capture her likeness in permanent ink. Demi isn’t the only celebrity to be honored with a portrait tattoo though. Chris Brown also found himself to be the topic of tattoo conversation recently, when a U.K. man got a huge tattoo of Breezy’s face inked on his back.

Demi Look-Alike Gets Singer’s Full Name Inked on Her Back

The award for the next-most-intense Demi-inspired tat inked on a fan goes to the girl with the blue/blonde hair who has Demi’s full name inked on her upper back. This chick is clearly dedicated to Demi Lovato (she dyed her hair the same colors!) and decided to get “Demetria Devonne Lovato” tattooed on the upper part of her back, between her shoulder blades. Not only does this Demi tat look like it was extremely painful, but we’re wondering if this girl is going to regret the ink a couple years down the road. Apparently not, according to her. In response to negative comments about the fan tattoo, the tattooed girl herself said, “She saved my life! She made me feel beautiful and I don’t think I will EVER regret this tattoo! I did it to thank her for everything she has done for me!” Well that settles it then. This Demi-inspired tat is here to stay.

Man’s Tattoo of Demi Lovato’s Face on His Arm

Demi Lovato Fan TattooWhile Demi Lovato probably celebrated her 20th birthday with cake and gifts, Demi’s fans – rightfully called Lovatics – celebrated the singer in their own way – with Demi Lovato-inspired tattoos. First up, is the most intense tattoo of Demi yet: an image of the superstar’s entire upper body and face. This Demi Lovato fanatic (we think it’s a dude) decided to get a portrait of the singer inked on his body, on what looks like his upper arm. Despite nailing her signature flowing locks, the tattoo of Demi’s face does a less-than-stellar job of capturing the singer’s overall appearance, made even worse by the random red jewelry she appears to be holding in her abnormally small hands. All in all, this Demi tattoo falls just a little short of doing the 20-year-old beauty justice.

Girl’s “Demi Lovato” Tattoo Inside Her Lip

Demi Lovato Lip TattooAnother super-loyal Demi fan opted for a tattoo inspired by the singer, but chose the strangest of places to put the ink: inside her lip. In a picture of a girl pulling down her lower lip, you can see the words “Demi Lovato” inked in black capital letters. Nevermind a back tattoo being painful, what about getting a tat inside your lower lip? That’s celebrity dedication, people; and Demi Lovato herself had to agree, tweeting in response to the tattoo pic: “AHHH!! THAT’S AWESOME!! hahaha wow. I’m honored!!!” Always gracious, we think Demi was more than kind about the girl’s lip tattoo. What else was she supposed to say, anyway? “Why on earth would you choose to do something like that?” That would certainly be a bummer for this uber-devoted Demi fan.

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