Demi Lovato’s “Let Go & Let God” Foot Tattoo

Demi Lovato’s “Let Go & Let God” Foot Tattoo
By | On September 12, 2012

Demi Lovato surprised us all when she got two tattoos on her feet, inking the phrase “Let Go & Let God” just above her toes on the tops of her feet. Demi hasn’t said anything in public about her inspiring foot tattoo yet, but we think the mantra is yet another way for Demi to remember all that she has been through and how it has made her a stronger person today. Similar to her other inspiring tattoos, the 20-year-old’s “Let Go & Let God” tat is likely a reminder that she isn’t alone and that she has a strong support system in her family, friends, fans and in God as well.

In the midst of voicing regrets about some of her tattoos, Demi Lovato secretly added a brand new tattoo to her growing collection: “Let Go & Let God” inked on her feet. Demi got this foot tattoo in September 2012, and the inspirational words are inked in such a discreet location that not many people seem to have noticed the addition. The tattoos on the tops of her feet are elegantly inked in fine black script, and just like her “Stay Strong” tattoos were inked on each wrist, Demi’s foot tattoo reads “Let Go &” on her right foot and “Let God” on her left foot.

Possible Meanings of Demi’s Foot Tat

On September 27, 2011, Demi Lovato tweeted the message “Let go, and let God,” and then, a year later, pictures of the newly-blonde Demi out on the town in New York City showed that the singer had that same little mantra inked right on her feet. Back in 2011, the 20-year-old was dealing with the aftermath of spending time in rehab for cutting, bipolar disorder and addiction, facing issues with her image, her weight and bullying head-on. Demi obviously has strong religious beliefs, evidenced by her “faith” and cross tattoos, and her new “Let Go & Let God” foot tattoo appears to be another reminder to herself that she isn’t alone as she deals with the obstacles in her life.Demi Lovato Feet Tattoos

Demi Hopes to Inspire Other Young Girls

As Demi continues to fight her way back, working to become a role model for other young girls, she recognizes that her past struggles have made her who she is today. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still struggle with bulimia, self-harming and other issues though. In fact, back in March 2012, Demi said of her addictive personality, “This is a daily battle that I will face for the rest of my life.” Perhaps the singer’s foot tattoo is meant to be something permanent that she can see every day, helping her remember that she has a strong support system, full of people who love her and are willing to help her, much like the meaning of her “you make me beautiful” and “stay strong” tattoos.

Demi Lovato’s Inspirational Tattoos

Demi Lovato Let Go and Let God Foot TattooWhen Demi got her ribcage tattoo that reads “you make me beautiful,” she was only a teenager and was dealing with issues that no teenager should have to. By inking an encouraging phrase on her side that lifted her through the hard times, she is now able to look in the mirror every day and remember that she is strong and beautiful. Similarly, Demi Lovato got her “stay strong” tattoo inked on her wrists after she completed treatment, permanently imprinting the mantra that her fans constantly repeated to her as a reminder of their support. “That’s a connection I have with my fans I don’t see with many other people,” Demi said about her stay strong tat. “And it’s really cool that I have that; it’s really special.” Demi has a number of other tattoos that appear to be reminders or words of encouragement related to her previous and ongoing struggles, including her “faith” arm tattoo and the cross tat on her hand.