Harry Styles Regrets Some of His Tattoos, Admits They’re “Crap”

Harry Styles Regrets Some of His Tattoos, Admits They’re “Crap”
By | On August 1, 2013

For those of you who have wondered on more than one occasion what Harry Styles was thinking when he got inked, you aren’t alone; even Harry himself is having second thoughts about some of his tattoos! According to the One Direction band member, he is regretting some of the more rudimentary tats he has added to his collection over the years, admitting he has “some that are just awful.” With 40+ tattoos to his name, it’s not too surprising that Harry regrets one or two of them, and it’s also not surprising which tattoos he is no longer fond of. “I regret [the padlock tattoo] on my wrist here. I regret this. I mean, these are just crap. There are some that my friends have done and some that are just awful.” Honestly, we’d be hard pressed to figure out which of his tattoos Harry Styles is talking about, because there are so many…

Will Harry Get His Wrist Tat Removed?

Harry Styles has caught quite a bit of flack recently from those who find his tattoo collection a bit excessive. This is probably due to the fact that every time we turn around Harry has a new tattoo – usually something small and seemingly meaningless. Let’s take Harry’s padlock tattoo on his wrist, for example. The tiny tat, which some say looks more like a handbag or a Pop Tart, was inked by the singer’s friend Ed Sheeran, which whom Harry shares a tattoo inspired by the British children’s show titled “Pingu.” The jury is still out about the meaning behind Harry Styles’ tattoo of a padlock, which was inked in August 2012, but if he’s already regretting it, we’re guessing there isn’t much of one. Harry’s revelation about regretting some of his tattoos came during a recent interview with We Love Pop magazine – less than a month after the singer debuted a brand-new tiny cross tattoo on his left hand.

Harry’s Tattoo Collection Becoming More Mature

Harry Styles Padlock, Key, Shamrock, Aquarius, and 99p TattoosDespite the fact that Harry Styles is apparently regretting some of his tattoos, it hasn’t stopped the British boy bander from continuing to ink up his body, although it appears that he now favors more mature, professional artwork over the crude, seemingly random tats of his younger years. In November 2012, Harry revealed a surprisingly prominent tattoo on his chest depicting two swallows in flight – a far cry from the tiny coat hanger, padlock and screws tattoos he has scattered across his body. Just two months later, the singer truly outdid himself, debuting a gigantic butterfly tattoo in the middle of his abdomen, and so Harry Styles addiction to tiny random tattoos is apparently over. The moral of the story? The next time a friend offers to turn the needle on you Harry – unless he is an actual tattoo artist, of course – just say no!

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  1. gravatar Janelle Reply
    November 27th, 2014

    I can’t believe he covered the “I can’t change” tattoo…I really like it. And also how he covered “things I cant” I liked that one too… they meant a lot and spoke out…. even though when you get a small tattoo they mean something big. Harry is just getting random tattoos on him…. he should have never change those tattoos.

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