This Guy Got Justin Bieber’s Face Tattooed on His Leg

This Guy Got Justin Bieber’s Face Tattooed on His Leg
By | On November 30, 2011

In what could only be described as the result of a drunken bet and a grave lapse in judgment, a grown California man has inked himself with a Justin Bieber tattoo. This isn’t just any ordinary Justin Bieber tattoo either…it is a likeness of the seventeen-year-old Canadian pop star’s face. And yes, it takes up almost his entire thigh. We’ve heard stories of hysterical teeny boppers getting Justin Bieber’s song lyrics tattooed on their bodies, and thirteen-year-old “Beliebers” professing their undying love for the singer with Justin Bieber body tattoos, but this man’s thigh tattoo is truly the stuff of legend.

Grown Man Gets Justin Bieber Thigh Tattoo

If this man sprung for a tattoo of a young, attractive female artist to be inked on his thigh, we might all say “Still a strange spot for a tattoo, but we get it.” But a seventeen-year-old boy…? That’s just disturbing, especially for poor Bieber. Actually, Justin Bieber might approve of this man’s thigh tattoo since he is a big fan of tattoos himself, and currently has three tattoos of his own (none of which include the face of his favorite artist, life-long role model or a teenage boy, FYI).

Justin Bieber got his first tattoo in May 2010, a small “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” inked on his left hip. Angry Guy with Justin Bieber TattooBieber got this hip tattoo on his sixteenth birthday and it matches bird tattoos the male members of his family have. Justin Bieber’s second tat was a Hebrew inscription meaning “Jesus,” which is located on his left ribcage and also matches a tattoo his dad, Jeremy Bieber, got at the same time. Finally, Bieber’s newest tattoo is an outline of a star the Canadian sensation had inked on his left elbow in May of this year.

The Man Behind this Crazy-ass Justin Bieber Thigh Tattoo

Although this seemingly huge fan of the Beebs hasn’t commented on his Justin Bieber tattoo, the glaring dedication to the Canadian pop star on his left thigh speaks for itself. And so does the look on the guy’s face…he is clearly ecstatic that Justin Bieber’s baby face will be looking up at him every time he sits down. Crazy Justin Bieber TattooWhether he regrets getting this Justin Bieber tattoo or not, a “tattoo removal” Google search may be in his near future. Or he could just wear pants for the rest of his life. I’m sure he will meet a nice girl who shares his obsession with the Beebs and finds his Justin Bieber thigh tattoo charming and quirky.

Even if this California man is a self-professed, die-hard Bieber fan, this thigh tattoo doesn’t even really look like the tween superstar. You’d think if he was going to make what could be a life-altering decision, like having a young boy’s face tattooed that close to his male parts, he would go the extra mile to make sure it actually looked like the kid. Well, we all know how different things look and sound from the other side of an alcohol-induced haze. Maybe he was actually looking to get a tattoo of a jumping beaver. Ah well, here’s to permanence. Good luck, man.

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    His name is Josh Cassettes. Has or had a solo project called I Am Cassettes. Pretty retarded to get that tattoo

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