Harry Styles’ Foot Tattoos May Inspire Justin Bieber to Get More Ink

Harry Styles’ Foot Tattoos May Inspire Justin Bieber to Get More Ink
By | On June 13, 2013

Harry Styles made waves this week when the world finally noticed the “Careless Whispers” lyrics tattoos he has inked on his feet, and now the already inked-up Justin Bieber may be planning to follow in Harry’s footsteps…literally. As everyone recovered from the shock of yet another Harry Styles’ tattoo, the Biebs took to Twitter on June 12 to share his thoughts about a possible new tattoo for himself as well. “Random thought – I should get a tattoo of a smiley face on my foot and call it happy feet. Haha.” We’re going to assume that a smiley face foot tattoo is JB’s idea of a joke, but he does appear to be on a role with new ink recently, so we wouldn’t put it past him!

Bieber’s Next Tat Could Be a Smiley Face

Just two weeks after debuting the large knight tattoo on his left forearm, Justin Bieber may be ready to go under the needle yet again – this time for a smiley face foot tattoo. Apparently, the Biebs spotted Harry Styles’ ankle tattoos and liked the way they looked (or perhaps he was making fun of the British singer’s random tats), because his Twitter comment came almost immediately after celebrity media sources “broke the news” about Harry’s foot tats. On that note, we should probably let everyone know that Harry Styles’ ankle tattoos are not new. They were actually inked by Harry’s friend Tom Atkin back in August 2012, although there previously weren’t many photos of the tats, which feature the lyrics “never gonna dance again” from the Georgia Michael song “Careless Whispers.”

The Biebs is Working on a Full Sleeve

Harry Styles Foot TattoosOver the past four months alone, Justin Bieber has added five new tattoos to his collection, and combined, they all make up what appears to be the beginnings of a full sleeve for the 19-year-old singer. Prior to his recent tattoo frenzy, Justin Bieber had gotten inked 11 other times, which is pretty impressive, but the tats were spread out over the course of three years, not three months. The tattoo-loving pop star seems pretty intent on covering up his left arm with ink these days, so focusing on a different part of his body – like his foot – might be out of the question for now. Whatever Justin’s plans are for future tattoos, we will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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  1. gravatar biebshasissues Reply
    July 17th, 2013

    Not only are tattoos one of the most moronic ways to remember something due to the whole aging process, they’re dangerous and what’s more, why would I want a teenager that indulges in SELF-MUTILATION to be the idol to my children? That makes absolutely no sense. Sure, some of his tattoos are ‘religious’ but the boy has no common sense. He gets thrown out of places he’s too young to be, he greeted the bloody prime minister dressed like a hobo and he put more than a hundred thousand people out just to play a prank with his phone number and has never officially apologized to the people he indisposed. Great job Canada, there’s a reason we’ve got no interest in your frozen land and it isn’t just because of the cold.

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