Girl Gets Huge Justin Bieber Tattoo on her Hip

Girl Gets Huge Justin Bieber Tattoo on her Hip
By | On April 17, 2012

When Justin Bieber was young (well, younger than he is now), I bet he never thought he’d see his face on TV, or on a billboard….or on the bodies of teenage girls. It’s true though, the Justin Bieber tattoo has emerged as the newest fad among girls of all ages, and these girls definitely aren’t messing around. Going for the shaggy-haired Justin Bieber tattoo, as opposed to the cleaner look Bieber rocks these days, girls all over the country are getting portraits of the Canadian pop star inked on their bodies. Not only does the face in this Justin Bieber tattoo look somber, but it looks so…young. That might look cute now girls, (we said might) but how is your Justin Bieber tattoo going to look in ten years? Twenty? Thirty? We’re predicting a long line at the laser tattoo removal office in the near future.

Crazy Justin Bieber Fan Tattoos!

It takes a really special person to go through with getting a Justin Bieber tattoo, and we have learned recently that you don’t even have to be a girl to find it appropriate to ink a teenage boy’s face on your body. That’s right, a grown-ass man from California got a Justin Bieber tattoo inked right smack dab on his thigh, and the pictures prove he is super excited about it. To each his own. The increasing popularity of Justin Bieber tattoos just goes to show you how the times they are a-changin’. Nobody from the 80s or 90s got the faces of their favorite artists inked on their body. But with the 2000s comes change and they tell us change is good. It seems we will have to accept the Justin Bieber tattoo and move on.

What it Takes to Get a Justin Bieber Tattoo

Justin Bieber Fan TattooTeenage girls are constantly finding newer and more outrageous ways to prove they are “true” Justin Bieber fans; it’s like they are entering some kind of “Belieber” competition to determine who is the most obsessed. First, doing anything possible to get Bieber concert tickets, then, crying and screaming in hopes of getting a Bieber autograph, and now opting for a Justin Bieber tattoo? This all just seems way too crazy and permanent to be healthy. So, do us a favor, if you’re experiencing symptoms you believe to be associated with Bieber Fever, skip the tattoo parlor and consider heading to the doctor instead.

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  1. gravatar Penny Reply
    June 6th, 2012

    wow ok wtf this isnt even his car!! he has a rangerover i hihlgy doubt tht his mom would let him get tht. and i hvnt seen him drive tht before. ok here is a word to JUSTIN BIEBER im not like a crazed fan or anythin i think ur just a normal lucky kid thts got straight up talent, but im not crazed over u i play hockey and i think ur cute too but again im not like 1 of those crazy fans! ur pretty cute justin and maybe someday u could try dating one of ur NORMAL fans (mee) i listen to some of ur music and thts bout it lol

  2. gravatar Hey Reply
    October 28th, 2013

    Love justin beaver….i mean bieber?
    suck his penis then….
    i mean her.

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