It Looks Like Justin Bieber is Going for a Sleeve w/ 3 New Tattoos!

It Looks Like Justin Bieber is Going for a Sleeve w/ 3 New Tattoos!
By | On April 24, 2013

Well, it looks like the Biebs is gunning for a full sleeve of tattoos with the addition of THREE new tats in under a week!  That’s right folks, Justin is on a tattoo rampage while on his Believe tour’s Denmark/Sweden stops inking carp or koi fish, a tiger’s head, and an angel (which looks awfully like Selena Gomez) tattoo all on the same arm. Hey, wait, doesn’t JB’s dad have that same arm covered in tats?  Sho nuff.  Take a look at Jeremy Bieber’s arm tats.  AND let’s get back to the Selena thing, his angel tat near his wrist look ALOT like a recent picture of Selena.  ALOT.  Do we smell a tattoo-driven romance roller coaster the likes of Rihanna and Chris Brown.  Signs point to “Yes.”

Justin’s Carp/ Koi Fish Tattoo

It all started on April 20th, when Justin showed fans his new koi fish tattoo on his let arm, right near the “X” tat and his Owl tattoo.  As he has been known to do lately, Justin Bieber stepped out and showed off his new ink in Denmark, while on the Believe Tour.  With sleeves rolled up, Justin posted for pics clearly showing the new ink.  Though he didn’t have much to say about it, koi tattoos are commonly meant to represent strength, determination, good luck as koi fish struggle to “swim upstrean” against strong currents to overcome all odds.Justin Bieber Tiger and Angel Tattoos

The Tiger’s Head & Angel Tattoos

On April 23rd, Justin got TWO more tattoos on his already tatted-up arm.  While in Sweden, the Biebs visited yet another tattoo artist to get two more tats, a tiger’s head on his upper left arm and an angel near his wrist on the same arm.  We’re not sure what the tiger head means, but most tiger tats are meant to represent being a Predator or “a force to be reckoned with”, maybe the Biebs is claiming to be at the top of the pop music food chain?  Its not unthinkable, since his crown tattoo branded himself the new king of pop.

The angel tat near his wrist looks just like Selena Gomez.  Check out the picture comparing the two, it’s unmistakably hear.  The angel in the tattoo is even wearing similar garb, with Selena’s V-neck style outfit sports the same outlines.  We also can’t ignore the fact that it appears to be the same cleavage in both images too.  Think that tattoo artist went off of this pic?  Yup.

Justin & Selena – A Love Story in the Making

Justin Bieber's Selena Gomez Angel TattooWith the emergence of a Selena tat upon rocky times, it sure seems like Justin and Selena are heading for an on-again / off-again relationship the likes of Riri & Breezy, (hopefully) without the violence of course.  Tattoos seem to be a favorite celebrity medium of expressing feelings towards significant others without actually talking to them, as many of Chris Brown and Rihanna’s tattoo are thought to be meant for each other.  We think this trend all started with Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob romantic tattoo escapades that were highly publicized, and caught on in the pop star world.  Will Selena answer back with a tattoo of her own?  We wait…

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