Mom Gets Back Tattoo for Justin Bieber Tickets

Mom Gets Back Tattoo for Justin Bieber Tickets
By | On March 12, 2012

One day a serious fan of the Biebs got a Justin Bieber tattoo inked on her (or his) body and showed the world via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or whatever, and now the Justin Bieber tattoos just keep on comin. From tats on the wrist to tats on the thigh and back, Justin Bieber tattoos seem to be showing up in all shapes and sizes these days, as true Beliebers vie for the honored title of “#1 fan.” These fans are mostly teenage girls (and one guy – we feel obliged to include the guy) who are so undeniably obsessed with the Canadian superstar that they feel the need to permanently display their devotion to Justin Bieber with a tattoo. We’re not saying it’s not cool, but we’re wondering if these girls are still going to want, for example, the lyrics to Bieber’s “Baby” inked on their leg when they are 60?

Some Justin Bieber tattoos are cute, some are interesting, and some are just plain old crazy. This person opted for a classy back tat, inked in black script on their upper back. The tattoo is pretty large and extends almost from one shoulder blade to the other, very slightly curving into a U-shape. It’s really unbelievable how far Justin Bieber fans will go to prove that they are worthy of the teen star’s recognition. It must be pretty awesome/weird to see your name inked on the bodies of girls all over the world. We’re going to guess that it’s a chick in this Justin Bieber tattoo picture, but really, you never know.  By the way..this back tattoo is NOT Justin Bieber!

Justin Bieber Back Tattoo or is it?

Your mom may really love you, but ask yourself this – would your mom get a permanent tattoo inked on her back just so you could possibly win tickets to a Justin Bieber concert? This mom would…and did. Getting a Justin Bieber tattoo to show your devotion to the Canadian pop star is one thing, but getting a tattoo of some random radio DJ personality’s face (and not a cute one) permanently stamped on your body is something tooootally different. Some people may call this mom crazy, but it’s also kinda sweet in a “what is this world coming to” kinda way, right?

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  1. gravatar Angel Reply
    June 6th, 2012

    Justin Bieber’s 2012 tour dates aren’t released yet. In November of 2011 he perfermod at a few places in the United Kingdom and places around there and he then came to the United States perfermod at The Today Show, The Rockefeller Center for The Tree Lighting, House Full of Toys in Los Angeles, California at The Nokia Theater, hes going to be performing at The Christmas Parade on Christmas, hes going to be performing on USA X-Factor next week and hes going to be performing at Dick Clark’s Rockin New Years Eve with Ryan Seacrest in New York City on New Years Eve. Other than the upcoming events Justin Bieber is supposed to be performing at Justin Bieber isn’t going to be having any concerts or any performances until his 2012 Believe Tour’. Since Justin Bieber always announces things of his when they get released he will be talking about his tour once his tour dates get released on his Twitter, probably interviews, radio interviews. It will be everywhere. If I knew he had his 2012 tour dates out or they were already out I would deffanitley tell you but they have not yet. I hope you have a great time seeing Justin live once he comes to your town

  2. gravatar aliana bieber Reply
    November 22nd, 2012

    um i really like Justin Bieber and he is just to old for me though but I hope one lucky GIRL will be as happy as me and be justins special someone if not if he does end up marring a famouse person I mean its his choice but hopefully he breaks the tradition and falls for a normal person that he once was also I fell that it was not right that he really was never a child basiclly but its his dumb choice that he is making i would wait another 2 years have my fun while i can! bye peace out aliana perez and if you try to google me its gonna be a little hard bye

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