Justin Bieber Talks More Tattoos & Chris Brown’s Latest Ink

Justin Bieber Talks More Tattoos & Chris Brown’s Latest Ink
By | On September 17, 2012

Not only has Justin Bieber revealed that he plans to get more tattoos, he has also taken a light jab at Chris Brown, saying he doesn’t plan to get anything “crazy” like Breezy’s new neck tattoo anytime soon. So we’re sure to see more tattoos on the 18-year-old in the future, but rest assured Bieber fans, the singer plans to play it safe with tiny, discreet music- and religion-inspired ink for now. It looks like he won’t be adding a tattoo resembling a battered ex-girlfriend to his neck anytime in the near future.

Justin Bieber has been favoring tiny tattoos over big ink lately, so it’s no surprise he says he would shy away from anything as large as Chris Brown’s new neck tattoo for now. Over the past three months, the Biebs has revealed three new tattoos that are small in size but have big meanings: his “Believe” arm tattoo, the Japanese music symbol on his other arm, and most recently a small crown inked on his upper chest. Although Justin Bieber says he wouldn’t opt for any “crazy” tattoos like Breezy’s controversial neck tattoo of a woman’s face that bears an uncanny resemblance to Rihanna, the 18-year-old did admit that he would be getting more tattoos in the future.

Bieber Calls Chris Brown’s Neck Tat “Crazy”

Justin Bieber already has seven tattoos in various spots on his body, and it appears as though he’s caught the bug. “I definitely see myself getting more tattoos in the future but slowly but surely,” Bieber said shortly after Chris Brown denied rumors that his neck tattoo was a depiction of a bruised and battered Rihanna. “I’m not going to go too crazy right now and get something on my neck or anything like that.” Bieber jokingly referred to the large inking of a woman’s face that R&B singer Chris Brown recently got tattooed on his neck. Despite Breezy’s (and his tattoo artist’s) assertion that the tat represents a “sugar skull” associated with the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday – not an image of the ex-girlfriend that he assaulted in 2009 – the people just aren’t convinced.

The Biebs Plays Tattoo Catch-Up

Chris Brown Neck TattooOnly in the celebrity world would getting three new tattoos in three months be considered “slowly but surely.” Justin Bieber is just barely legal and he has already added ink to his leg, hip, ribcage, arms and chest, and he plans to keep right on going. To most people, it would seem like Bieber is ahead of the game when it comes to tattoos. Compared to other relatively young tatted-up celebrities like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown though – all of whom have each added multiple tattoos to their bodies in 2012 alone – the Biebs certainly has a lot of catching up to do!

Justin Bieber is Due For a Religious Tattoo!

Justin Bieber may not be one for neck tattoos, but he did recently post a shirtless picture on Twitter showing off his latest tattoo, which is a small crown inked on his chest. Although JB hasn’t yet revealed the meaning behind his crown tattoo, we can only assume that being a global celebrity at 18 has made him feel like the king of the world. Despite his fame and fortune though, Justin Bieber is in no danger of being “tainted” by the music industry, thanks to his faith. Being a devout Christian – which is evidenced by the Hebrew Jesus tat on his ribcage, and the Jesus portrait and praying hands on his leg – the Biebs says that faith is what keeps him grounded and humble. Although Bieber’s three latest tats have had more to do with his music career than with God, the fact that singer admits he wants more tattoos has us thinking it might be time for some new religious ink!

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