Justin Bieber Debuts What Looks Like a New Collarbone Tattoo

Justin Bieber Debuts What Looks Like a New Collarbone Tattoo
By | On August 31, 2012

Justin Bieber may have unknowingly debuted a new tattoo on his collarbone! In brand new pictures posted on Twitter, the Biebs can be seen posing with a pretty fan, but our full attention is on the never-before-seen ink peeking out from underneath his white tank top. Did Justin Bieber get a new tattoo? It sure looks like it! Read on to learn more about the new chest tat, and whether he opted for a crown or a cat tattoo.

With his new album Believe being called a “landmark for the genre” of pop music and “the rare album that tries to be everything to everyone, and largely succeeds,” Justin Bieber must feel like the king of the world. And since we all know that Justin Bieber loves tattoos, it probably comes as no surprise that the Biebs decided to get a new tattoo commemorating his ongoing success. Recent pictures of Justin Bieber posted on Twitter show the teen star posing with a pretty brunette, wearing a hat and a white tank top. You can easily see Justin’s “Believe” tattoo in the photo, but you’ll also notice that Justin appears to be sporting a new tattoo just below his left collarbone! Since you can only see part of Justin Bieber’s new tattoo, fans of the Biebs have weighed in, claiming the tat is either a crown or a cat.

Get a Glimpse of Justin’s Recent Tattoos

Getting a cat tattoo on his chest would just be plain weird, so we’re going to stick with the crown tattoo idea. Justin Bieber has been in a tattoo frenzy recently, getting the name of his third studio album “Believe” tattoo inked on his left arm in June, and then unveiling a small Japanese symbol tattoo meaning “music” the following month. Over the past few years, JB has acquired a number of other tattoos, including a seagull on his hip, a Hebrew “Jesus” tattoo on his ribcage, and a Jesus image with praying hands on his calf. Justin Bieber Chest TattooThe most recent tattoo rumors surrounding Justin Bieber have involved a possible matching tat with girlfriend Selena Gomez. Could this new crown tattoo match a tat that Gomez got as well?

Bieber’s New Tattoo May Represent His Success

Justin Bieber is flying high on his worldwide success, and we can’t blame him for wanting to get a permanent reminder of the important moments in his life. As he said about his “Believe” tattoo marking the release of his third album, “It was an important day for me. So, you know, I got ‘believe.’” His most recent album marks an important transition in Bieber’s musical career, morphing from a tween pop singer into a mature pop/R&B performer. Justin Bieber Crown TattooWith his new crown tattoo, Justin Bieber may just want to make sure he never forgets this wildly successful time in his life when he felt like a king. Since we can only see a small part of Justin’s new tattoo, our crown idea is just a guess, but we’re sure the Biebs will remove his shirt sometime soon and reveal the full tat. In the meantime, keep an eye on that Selena Gomez and see if she has gotten a crown inked on her body as well!

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