Another Lost Bet, Another Hilarious Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Tattoo

Another Lost Bet, Another Hilarious Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Tattoo
By | On January 8, 2014

Some of the most ridiculous fan tattoos of 2013 were the result of a lost bet, including Ryan Cabrera’s portrait tat of actor Ryan Gosling and Tom Fletcher’s “McBusted” tattoo on his foot. And now a male Fantasy Football fanatic has made sure 2014 is just as entertaining as last year in the fan tattoo department, by getting a hilarious Miley Cyrus-inspired tattoo of ESPN fantasy expert Matthew Berry dressed in Miley’s VMA costume and riding a “wrecking ball” featuring Jay Leno’s face. According to the rules of the 10-team Nebraska Fantasy Football league, the last place team (a.k.a. the loser of the bet) doesn’t have to pay money or hail the league winner on Facebook or Twitter. No, no, they must do something far more permanent and dangerous…like getting a tattoo designed by the league winner.

The league’s tattoo rule is this: If your team finishes in last place, you have to get a tattoo designed by the other owners inked on your body in a 4” x 4” space that the loser can choose. “The whole purpose of this league was to punish the loser so that everybody played as hard as they can every week,” explains one of the league members. In the past, losers of the Omaha-based Fantasy Football league have gone under the needle for some pretty embarrassing tattoos, like a group of Care Bears “Tebowing,” a unicorn kicking a field goal, or Justin Bieber rocking the “YOLO” mantra (You Only Live Once). This year takes the cake though, because the Miley Cyrus tattoo incorporates so many different components that together make almost no sense whatsoever.

In the latest Fantasy Football loser tat, a Matthew Berry with a very feminine body and gigantic caricature head sits astride a Jay Leno wrecking ball, gigantic chin and all. Berry’s tongue is sticking out of his mouth, Miley Cyrus-style, and he is holding up a sign that reads “Fantasy Twerker Loser” in capital letters. Next to that amazing image, which is inked in black and white, is the year 2013 as a reminder of when his Fantasy Football loss occurred…like he could ever forget. The best part of this whole Miley Cyrus tattoo thing is that the embarrassing (and pretty large) tat is inked on the upper part of the guy’s thigh.

Fantasy Football league tattoosSo you’re probably wondering why Jay Leno’s face was included in the Miley Cyrus tattoo. Some members of the now-infamous Fantasy Football league appeared on Leno’s show back in October to show off their loser’s tattoos, so apparently they wanted to get Jay in on the action too this time! We are having a really hard time deciding which Miley Cyrus wrecking ball tattoo is better – this Fantasy Football-inspired tat or the fan tattoo that some Miley fan got back in October of the singer riding a crying wrecking ball with a “YOLO” foam finger on her hand. What do you all think?

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