What Drives a Man to Get 21 Miley Cyrus Tattoos? Just Ask Carl McCoid

What Drives a Man to Get 21 Miley Cyrus Tattoos? Just Ask Carl McCoid
By | On October 16, 2013

The infamous Carl McCoid, self-proclaimed superfan of the “We Can’t Stop” singer, recently debuted two brand-new Miley Cyrus tattoos, and, apparently, he can’t stop either. The newest pieces include a portrait of her sticking out her tongue and sporting her short ‘do, which he has inked on his ribcage, and a tat of Miley’s latest album title Bangerz inked in giant red letters on his back. We are just as intrigued as you guys when it comes to the 40-year-old fan who has 21 Miley-themed tattoos and counting. So we sat down with the man who calls himself MileyCyrusCarl and got the inside scoop about his Miley Cyrus tattoos, the inspiration behind all that ink, and what he’s planning next. Check it out!


You have more than a dozen tattoos of Miley Cyrus inked on your body. Which one is your favorite and why?

Out of the 21 tattoos my favourite is around my bicep “Let’s Jump The Sun.” A beautiful unique lyric from the most amazing album of all time Can’t Be Tamed.

You got your first Miley Cyrus tattoo while you were going through a divorce. How did getting inked help you cope with this difficult time in your life?

Because Miley gives me wholesome happiness she replaced my previous happiness after the divorce in 2011, although I’ve loved Miley since 2009 when I first heard “See You Again.” I had to get the tattoos because of the obsession and to show Miley how important a human being she is that someone would show their love in such a permanent way. Miley got me through difficult times keeping me in a bubble.

Miley-cyrus-superfan-tattoos2Would you ever consider getting a replica of one of Miley Cyrus’ tattoos, like the “Rolling $tone” tat she recently got inked on her feet?

No because they are her own personal tattoos. I wouldn’t want to be someone who copies her personal meanings. I respect her too much for that.

Do you have any limit in mind when it comes to getting inked, or will you keep going until you’re completely covered in Miley Cyrus tats?

I do have a limit. With portrait tattoos she is always changing so that has to be limited as it’ll go on forever. No way am I getting completely covered! Portrait tattoos will end soon but I’ll always get the odd song lyric done.

Miley-cyrus-superfan-tattoosWhat is the next Miley tattoo you are planning?

A small profile of her face. She has a unique profile so beautiful. Then the odd Bangerz lyric.

Tell it to us straight…how badly do you wish it was you up there on stage at the VMAs instead of Robin Thicke?

Not a chance on earth could I have been on that stage. I’d die lol.

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