Rihanna Shows Off Tattoos and Red Hair in a Sexy Black Dress

Rihanna Shows Off Tattoos and Red Hair in a Sexy Black Dress
By | On May 12, 2012

Rihanna’s gone and done it again! Stepping out on the town in a slinky black dress and her signature red hair, Rihanna draws everyone with a pulse’s attention to her sexy bod and cool tattoos. In these pics showing off RiRi’s sexy style, you can catch a glimpse of the singer’s “never a failure, always a lesson” tat on her shoulder, her Roman numeral shoulder tattoo tribute to Melissa Ford, the “rebelle fleur” tat inked on her neck, the Maori tribal tattoo located on her hand, and the tiny star inked inside her left ear.

Rihanna seems to love pairing fire-engine red locks with black dresses, and she pulls it off time and time again. RiRi also, as we know, loves to show off her many tattoos, which you can see perfectly in these pics of the songstress out on the town in her sexy-yet-simple black and white dress. Accompanied by a black scarf in her hair, big gold hoops and classy black shades, Rihanna’s little black dress plays up her best assets and, with a neckline that basically scoops down to her belly button, you all have the pleasure of scoping out Rihanna’s tattoos as well.

Slinky Dress Exposes Rihanna’s Tattoos

Always the trendsetter, Rihanna has somehow not only made a not-so-natural scarlet coif okay, but she’s darn near started a red-headed revolution! From buzzed to curly and from short to waist-length, Rihanna’s red hair has become as much a part of her as Lady Gaga‘s signature hair bow. As much as her red hair and killer figure have drawn attention to the pop star though, it’s Rihanna’s collection of tattoos that really set her apart from everyone else. And when she wears revealing costumes and outfits like this casual black dress, the pop star’s tattoos are all the more visible.Rihanna Never a Failure Tattoo

Check Out Rihanna’s Newest Tattoos

One of the best things about Rihanna’s passion for skimpy outfits is that it gives all of us at home the opportunity to keep up on each and every one of Rihanna’s tattoo. Admit it, every time you see a pic of Rihanna you expect to see yet another piece of body art. And why not? The singer currently has 16 tattoos and she certainly shows no signs of slowing down. Ranging from a pretty trail of stars reaching down her back, to a gun tat inked on her ribcage and a tribal claw tattooed on her hand, Rihanna’s tattoos are unique and probably mean a lot to the international pop star. Let’s face it though, at the rate she’s going, Rihanna could have a couple sleeves before we know it! After all, RiRi kicked off the new year this year with two new tattoos already, a “thug life” tat scrolled across her knuckles and a controversial red cross tattoo inked on her collarbone.

Rihanna Loves Sexy Black Dresses

Rihanna Pisces and Never a Failure TattooThink back on all the times you’ve seen Rihanna in a revealing black dress with her bright red hair all done up and her tattoos showing, and tell us if she’s ever not looked amazing. Just off the top of our heads, we can name a few: the 2011 Met Ball at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, the 5th Annual DKMS Linked Against Leukemia Gala in NYC, and even that trash bag-looking black dress Rihanna was photographed wearing in West Hollywood in 2010. Each and every time RiRi somehow pulls it off – the dress, the hair, the tattoos – and we’re left wondering how. After all, it’s not every day you see a 24-year-old female sporting as many tattoos as Rihanna and think she looks gorgeous. Well, get used to it! The pop queen is here to stay, and so are Rihanna’s tattoos!

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