Rita Ora’s Ankle Tattoo of Two Wings

Rita Ora’s Ankle Tattoo of Two Wings
By | On June 14, 2012

Although most of Rita Ora’s tattoos are concentrated on her arms and upper torso, the British pop star does have a tattoo on her leg that features two angel wings inked in black and white. The wings tattoo is medium-sized and is inked on the back of Rita’s right ankle, perfectly placed so that it’s visible even when the singer sports her go-to footwear: a classic pair of Jordans. Rita hasn’t said much in public about her wings tattoo, which was inked sometime before January 2013, but she has explained how she feels about tattoos in general, equating them to an art form.

Rita is Spreading Her Wings

“Tattoos to me are really kind of important,” Rita said during a recent interview with GQ. “I think they’re just beautiful. I love tattoos. I think they’re another form of art.” Wings tattoos in particular must hold some significance for Rita, since, in addition to her wings ankle tat, she also has a large dove tattoo with its wings spread inked on the back of her neck and right shoulder. For many people, a pair of angel wings in a tattoo is a tribute to a loved one lost, but wings can also represent freedom, protection, aspiration and achieving one’s dreams. Some people also opt for a pair of wings as a symbol of a guardian angel or being “taken under someone’s wing.”

Rita Ora’s Angel Wings Tat

rita-ora-wings-ankle-tattooWhen it comes to angel wings tattoos, many people get a gigantic pair of wings inked on their back (like Miley Cyrus’ mother, Tish) so they look like the real thing. Thank God Rita opted for a smaller version on her ankle, which is much cuter and classier. If you want to be like Rita Ora, but you aren’t quite ready for a tattoo of two wings, grab a pair of Adidas Originals X Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 sneakers, and you’ll be well on your way. Rita posted a pic of her wearing the snazzy shoes on her way to Coachella back in April, and the black patent sneakers feature a pair of wings on the back of each shoe that match Rita’s ankle tattoo!

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