Rita Ora’s Red “Love” Tat on Her Ring Finger

Rita Ora’s Red “Love” Tat on Her Ring Finger
By | On February 16, 2013

Rita Ora is a big fan of colored tattoos, and one of our favorites is a cute little “Love” tat she had inked in red on the inside of her right ring finger, sometime before August 2012. Rita’s finger tattoo is stylized so that the letter “L” in “Love” is inked in an elegant script style and the letter “o” forms a tiny little heart, followed by the “ve.” In addition to her “Love” tattoo, the British singer has the word “Hope” inked in blue script on her middle finger and the word “promise” inked in black typewriter font on her pinky finger, all of which are located on her right hand.

Rita Calls Finger Tats “the Worst”

It’s possible that Rita added her “Love” and “promise” tattoos to her fingers in February 2013, at the same time she inked the word “Hope” on the inside of her middle finger. Three finger tats? Clearly, she must love getting inked there, right? Not exactly. “They’re the worst,” Rita Ora said during a Tat Nation interview in August 2012. So why does she get them then? Truth is, finger tattoos are becoming more and more popular among female celebrities (besides Rita Ora, think Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Rihanna), probably because, even though they are extremely painful, they more discreet and personal and aren’t as visible to the public eye.

Rita isn’t Looking for Love…Yet

The ring finger seems like an appropriate place to get a “Love” tattoo, but Rita’s tat is inked on her right hand, not her left, so don’t start spreading any marriage rumors, people. It could just be that this London native enjoys expressing her emotions through tattoos and is hoping to find someone she can fall in love with…kind of like a British Rihanna. In fact, Rita said recently, “I don’t care about that love now, to tell you the truth. I haven’t had the chance to think about anything yet but maybe one day, hopefully, someone will make me feel special.”

Rita & RiRi Go Tat for Tat

Rita Ora isn’t a huge fan of comparisons made between her and the infamously inked-up Rihanna, but it’s kind of hard not to compare the two when they show up with more than just a few ridiculously similar tattoos. Rita’s “Love” tattoo on the inside of her ring finger, for example, is almost identical to Rihanna’s tattoo of the word “Love,” which is inked in black on her middle finger. Rita has two other finger tattoos that read “Hope” and “promise,” and RiRi has one more than says “Shh…” The similarities don’t stop there though…check out the rest of Rita Ora’s tattoos and see how they compare to Rihanna’s tattoos!

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