Zayn Malik Adds Mysterious New “Freehand” Tattoo to His Sleeve!

Zayn Malik Adds Mysterious New “Freehand” Tattoo to His Sleeve!
By | On January 4, 2014

While Harry Styles and the rest of the One Direction boys were ringing in the new year with their families this week, Zayn Malik was busy visiting a tattoo shop and adding a new tattoo to his sleeve! On January 2, 2014, Zayn stopped by Tattoo Magic in Weymouth, England, where the pop star had some “freehand artwork” done on his existing sleeve, which apparently isn’t finished yet. Tattoo Magic was closed down for the VIP visit, during which Zayn added what looks like a small tattoo to the outside of his right forearm. According to some reports, the singer’s arm tattoo features a crying eye with tears falling that turn into smoke and clouds. Unfortunately, when he posed for pictures after the tattoo session, Zayn’s new tattoo was covered up by a white bandage. We are dying to know what the ink really looks like!

After adding the portrait of Perrie Edwards to his upper arm, followed by the snake and space monkey tattoos, we would have guessed that Zayn’s sleeve on his right arm was pretty much finished. Apparently not though, because Zayn had Karen, the resident tattoo artist at Tattoo Magic, add what was referred to as “freehand artwork” to his arm, and, according to Freddie, the owner of Tattoo Magic, the work on Zayn’s sleeve tattoo remains “to be continued.” Clearly thrilled with the mysterious new tattoo on his right forearm, the 20-year-old singer posed for photos after the tattoo session with Freddie and even Albert, the owner’s adorable bulldog. Unfortunately, Perrie couldn’t get in on the action because she got locked out of the tattoo shop when they closed it down for Zayn’s visit!

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The trip to Tattoo Magic may have been just another tattoo for Zayn, but Freddie and Karen were thrilled to have the singer back in their shop after inking Zayn’s wolf tattoo on his left leg back in May 2013. That single session drummed up some serious attention for Tattoo Magic on the web, and, within minutes of posting a pic of Zayn on Facebook, the shop had a hoard of screaming schoolgirls outside on the sidewalk. Shortly after inking Zayn Malik’s tattoo this time, Freddie posted this sweet message on Facebook: “Nice to have Zayn from 1D back today. A bit of freehand sleeving to be continued. Got a lovely pic of him with Albert…Gonna get it printed out so he can sign it next time I tattoo him and then we can donate it to Bulldog Rescue auction to raise some cash for a charity close to mine and Karen’s heart!” Now we just have to find out what the tattoo looks like!

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