Zayn Malik’s Two Arabic Chest Tattoos

Zayn Malik’s Two Arabic Chest Tattoos
By | On April 24, 2012

Getting an Arabic tattoo is all the rage these days, and there are plenty of A-listers that have gotten permanently inked with the ancient language, including Rihanna, Angelina Jolie and now Zayn Malik, who currently has two Arabic tattoos inked on his body. Zayn was born and raised a Muslim, (his father is a Pakistani immigrant) which could explain his affinity for Arabic tattoos, but the singer also sports a tattoo of a yin-yang symbol, which is commonly associated with both Buddhist and Chinese teachings. The yin-yang symbol is far more mainstream these days though, and there’s a good chance that the Arabic language means more to Zayn than just an excuse to get a trendy tattoo design.

Zayn’s Grandfather’s Name in Arabic

zayn-malik-arabic-chest-tattooOn the right side of his chest, just below the “Friday?” tattoo on his collarbone, Zayn Malik has a black and white tattoo that reads “Walter” in Arabic. Walter is Zayn’s grandfather on his mother’s side, who passed away while Zayn was auditioning for The X Factor. The meaningful chest tattoo was inked in December 2010 and was the very first of Zayn Malik’s tattoos. It appears that Zayn and his maternal grandfather were very close, considering Walter’s death led the singer to get inked for the very first time. Interestingly enough, Zayn’s grandfather is of Irish descent, so it’s not entirely clear why he chose the Arabic language to honor Walter.

“Be True to Who You Are” Arabic Quote on Zayn’s Chest

Zayn Malik Arabic TattooIn April 2012, Zayn showed off his second Arabic tattoo, which is inked across his left collarbone. The singer debuted the chest tattoo on Twitter, along with the caption: “For every1 asking what the new tatt means it says be true to who you are.” The deep meaning behind Zayn Malik’s tattoo may have something to do with the difficulties the singer faced in school, being his background is a mixture of Anglican Christian and Muslim. He apparently had to change schools a number of times until he felt comfortable. According to Zayn, “I almost felt like I didn’t fit in at my first two schools because I was the only mixed heritage kid in my class. When my sister and I moved to a different school it was a lot more mixed so I felt like I fitted in better.”


15 Responses to: Zayn Malik’s Two Arabic Chest Tattoos

  1. gravatar Jan Reply
    April 7th, 2016

    His tattoos are in Urdu not Arabic! Urdu and Arabic have nearly identical text with a few differences.

    • gravatar julia Reply
      August 25th, 2016

      no actually they ARE in arabic however the second one doesnt MEAN be true to who you are it just is like english written in arabic. i dont know if you get it but like the phrase “be true” is literally written in arabic not the meaning

      that most likely made no sense

    • gravatar julia Reply
      August 25th, 2016

      actually they ARE in Arabic but it isn’t the Arabic meaning its the the phrase literally written in Arabic
      that might’ve made no sense whatsoever

  2. gravatar romk Reply
    May 7th, 2016

    tattoo is haram in islam

    • gravatar mosaab Reply
      May 18th, 2016

      says who???????????????

      • gravatar Dodo Reply
        July 30th, 2016

        Rasool Muhammad alayhi al salat wal salam says people who get a tattoo and those who do it for them are cursed forever.

      • gravatar Sara Reply
        July 7th, 2017

        Perhaps a quick Google search for a reputable answer site to your question. But here you go:

        I personally like the “look”of tattoo’s but they are most definitely forbidden not only in Islam but in Christianity and Judaism.

        Education and knowledge are the keys to success.

    • gravatar Bushra Reply
      November 26th, 2016

      You are right that tattoos are haram in Islam and to sing

      • gravatar Zee Reply
        March 15th, 2018

        Plz check ur facts before saying it. Tattoos r not forbidden in Islam. U have a lot of sectors in Islam and most of them say it’s ok to have a tattoo

    • gravatar J Reply
      December 2nd, 2017

      Stop spreading BS about Islam. It does not say so in the Quran and is not the word of God. Use your God given brain. Don’t rely on other’s brains. This is not an argument.

  3. gravatar Mima Reply
    September 1st, 2016

    Actually that’s neither because the Arabic letters or writing here are the pronounciarion of “Be true to who you are” in English written in Arabic letters not its translation….so language has nothing to do with it.

  4. gravatar charlotte Reply
    January 8th, 2017

    i guess just how chinese tattoos were all the rage 10 years ago it’s now time for arabic; nonetheless cool looking tats on a sexy young man 🙂

  5. gravatar Ryan Reply
    March 21st, 2018

    Tattoos is haram in Islam.

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