Check Out Zayn Malik’s New Checkered Flag and Smoking Lips Tattoos!

Check Out Zayn Malik’s New Checkered Flag and Smoking Lips Tattoos!
By | On August 1, 2015

In the midst of signing with a new record label and laying down a pretty serious diss on his former One Direction bandmates, Zayn Malik has added two new tattoos to his collection: a checkered racing flag and a pair of lips breathing smoke. Zayn Malik’s tattoos were on display while the singer was celebrating his new status as a solo artist, this week. The fresh ink includes a black and white checkered flag inked on his left forearm, just above his henna-style flower wrist tattoo, and a tattoo on his right hand of a nose and a pair of red lips blowing smoke, inked just below his “M.S.G.” and “ZAP!” tattoos.

Some think that since a checkered flag usually symbolizes a victory, Zayn Malik’s racing flag tattoo may have been inked in honor of the new journey he is about to embark on as a solo artist, and it certainly seems like that could be the case. In a tweet posted by Zayn on July 29, the singer shared a photo of himself signing a contract at RCA and wrote, “I guess I never explained why I left [One Direction], it was for this moment to be given the opportunity to show you who I really am! #realmusic #RCA !!” Ouch…whether he meant to or not, Zayn threw some serious shade there at his former bandmates, who have apparently been making “fake” music for the past five years.

zayn-malik-smoking-lips-tattooSo, it’s possible that Zayn’s new checkered flag forearm tattoo is a tribute to what the 22-year-old expects will be a victorious solo musical career. As far as Zayn Malik’s smoking lips tattoo goes though, we haven’t quite figured out the meaning behind the ink, but it’s not the first time Zayn has had a pair of lips tattooed on him, believe it or not. The singer already rocks a pretty large tattoo on his chest of a pair of red lips with wings, which he had done back in April 2013. What do you guys think is the meaning behind Zayn Malik’s smoking lips and checkered flag tattoos??zayn-malik-checkered-flag-tattoo

A Special thanks to PST fan Aimee Reider for helping us out in identifying this tattoo!!



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  1. gravatar em. Reply
    October 23rd, 2015

    the flag tattoo is actually linked to the flower one he got just after. the flag means the end of something, and then the lotus flower is a symbol of rebirth, so basically the tattoo kinda means ‘the end is a new beginning’ which we can relate to his career, then with the band and now solo.

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