Zayn Malik Gets Mind of Mine Album Title Tattoo and New Leg Ink

Zayn Malik Gets Mind of Mine Album Title Tattoo and New Leg Ink
By | On January 31, 2016

**Update: Photos from Zayn Malik’s shoot for Complex magazine revealed his “Mind of Mine” album title tattoo was inked on the upper part of his left arm, in letters of different sizes, shapes and styles that were scattered around his tiger arm tat.

Zayn Malik proved to the world this week that he has the chops to make it as a solo artist, when he dropped his new single “Pillowtalk,” and the 23-year-old pop star decided to take it one step further by getting a tattoo on his arm commemorating his upcoming album Mind of Mine. During the same tattoo session, Zayn also added to the growing collection of ink on his leg, with a tattoo of a man smoking, which goes along nicely with Zayn’s other smoking-related tattoos, including the smoking lips tattoo on his right hand and the tattoo of the smoking skull wearing a top hat on his left shoulder.

Zayn’s new track “Pillowtalk” was released on January 29, and his LP Mind of Mine is set to drop on March 25, which marks the anniversary of his decision to quit One Direction. Not only did Zayn choose that fateful date to release his new album, proving to everyone that he doesn’t regret his decision in the least, the singer also opted for a new tattoo commemorating his debut solo album. During an interview with radio DJ David Berry on the Capital London Breakfast Show, Zayn said, “I just got a tattoo on my leg and my arm, I did them both in the same session. I got a tattoo for the album; the name of the album.”


When it comes to tattoos, Zayn Malik has a pretty impressive collection, with a total of 47 pieces so far, including his new arm album title and smoking man leg tattoos. Even Zayn himself hasn’t been able to keep up with our spot-on tattoo count though. “I don’t even know [how many I have] to be honest, I couldn’t tell you,” Zayn said during his Capital Breakfast interview. “I haven’t got much space left on my body!” Referring to his new leg tattoo, Zayn said, “The thing on my leg, it’s kind of weird, it’s an outline of a dude smoking which is pretty mega.” The new leg tattoo looks like a stringy scene with the outline of a guy smoking a cigarette, where his brain and lungs are also visible.


The past year has been full of changes for Zayn Malik, who quit One Direction, launched his solo career, broke up with his fiancée, and started dating fashion model Gigi Hadid. Back in 2013, when Zayn and ex Perrie Edwards were still together, the pop star got a large tattoo on his upper right arm featuring a cartoonish portrait of Perrie, and the ink is on display in the music video for Zayn’s single “Pillowtalk,” in which the singer can be seen kissing his new girlfriend Gigi. According to Zayn though, he wouldn’t change a thing about his life so far. “Every wrong decision I made, every right decision got me here. So I guess I’d just say trust your instincts and don’t take yourself too seriously, because life’s gonna be alright.”zayn malik mind of mine

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