Earning His Stripes: Zayn Malik Reveals Tiger Tattoo in Australia!

Earning His Stripes: Zayn Malik Reveals Tiger Tattoo in Australia!
By | On September 23, 2013

One Direction headed to Adelaide on September 23, for the first date of their Take Me Home tour’s Australian leg, and Zayn Malik apparently had more than the gig and his recent engagement to Perrie Edwards to be excited about! The singer inadvertently debuted a relatively new tattoo on his left arm, and the piece, which was peeking out from underneath his white t-shirt, appears to be the back end of a tiger – tail, stripes and all! According to Zayn, he got the large arm tattoo just because he likes tigers, but we have a feeling that, with all the success he and his bandmates have been experiencing lately, he must feel like the king of the jungle!

Zayn first mentioned a new tiger tattoo on his arm during an interview earlier this month, but we didn’t catch a glimpse of the ink until the One Direction boys landed in Australia to continue their Take Me Home tour. Although we haven’t seen a full picture of Zayn Malik’s tattoo yet, judging by the location of the ink, we are assuming the tiger takes up the majority of the singer’s upper left arm, with the tail reaching almost to his left elbow. The tiger tattoo must be pretty important to Zayn, since it is pretty large and is inked in the exact same location as the pop star’s Perrie Edwards tattoo on the upper part of his right arm.

Of all the One Direction guys, Zayn is known as one of the quieter ones and doesn’t always jump at the chance to show off his new tattoos or explain their meaning. Fortunately for you, we spend a lot of our time analyzing pop star tattoos, and have a pretty good handle on their meanings and inspiration. Tiger tattoos – like Justin Bieber’s tattoo of a tiger on his arm – are particularly interesting, because tigers are considered the most tattooed animal in the world. For some people, tiger tats represent power, strength and passion, while others get tiger tattoos to symbolize success, purity or beauty. With his boyish good looks, his recent engagement to Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards, and his insanely successful career in the music biz, Zayn’s tiger tat could really stand for all of these things. zayn arm tiger tattoo

When Zayn got his Perrie Edwards tat inked on his arm back in June, it came as a bit of a shock, especially because of its size. Zayn has said in the past that he wants to fill his entire right arm with ink though, and the cartoonish portrait of his then-girlfriend (now-fiancé) definitely helped him move closer to reaching that goal. Fortunately for Zayn, Perrie was flattered by the arm tattoo – which she knew nothing about – and the couple quickly squashed rumors that called love tattoos like his the relationship kiss of death. “Oh yeah! [Perrie] likes the whole rock’n’roll look,” Zayn told Now magazine. “She likes my tatts.” Hopefully Perrie likes tigers, too!

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