Zayn Malik’s Cover-Up of His Perrie Edwards Tattoo is a UFO Space Scene

Zayn Malik’s Cover-Up of His Perrie Edwards Tattoo is a UFO Space Scene
By | On September 12, 2016

Just last month, we brought you photos of what appeared to be a cover-up job on Zayn Malik’s portrait tattoo of Perrie Edwards, and now we finally have proof that Zayn has replaced the Perrie tattoo on his upper arm with an image of a UFO flying through space. Zayn Malik’s new tattoo is inked on the upper part of his right arm, and while it looks like part of the Perrie tattoo is still visible (although it looks like she may be turning into Darth Vader), the 23-year-old is obviously over his ex, and is dead-set on covering up the painful reminder of his failed relationship.

Zayn Malik’s Perrie Edwards tattoo was originally inked back in 2013, at Tattooed Heart Studios in Maryland, and was designed after a drawing the singer did of a cartoon Perrie wearing a beanie and peace sign shirt. While the Little Mix singer wasn’t totally thrilled about the ink, she did find it to be a sweet gesture, saying, “When I’m away from him, I guess he can just take a look at his arm and remind him of me. So it’s a lovely compliment really. I love it, it’s lovely.” Zayn and Perrie spent four years together, and even got engaged, before ending their relationship in 2015.

Zayn isn’t a stranger to space-themed tattoos. Just this past July he debuted a Star Wars-style light saber tattoo on his finger that “lights up” under UV light. Malik also sports a fairly big space monkey and tiny rocket ship tattoos on the same right sleeve as his latest ink.


It was Zayn’s current girlfriend, model Gigi Hadid, who brought Zayn Malik’s tattoo cover-up to our attention last month, when she posted a Snapchat video of the pop star preparing a lovely chicken dinner for her. In the video, you could see, just below his shirt sleeve, the spot where Zayn’s Perrie Edwards tattoo used to be, and it was very obviously covered up by some fresh ink. We now know that the design Zayn chose to cover up the tattoo of his former fiancée is of a UFO flying through space, planets, stars and all!


A Special thanks to PST fan Aimee Reider for help in discovering this tat!!

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