Did Zayn Actually Cover His Perrie Edwards Tattoo? Maybe Not…

Did Zayn Actually Cover His Perrie Edwards Tattoo? Maybe Not…
By | On August 8, 2016

As soon as Zayn Malik called it quits with Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards and started dating model Gigi Hadid, we all speculated about when the singer would cover up the tribute tattoo he got for her at the Tattooed Heart Studio in Maryland, back in 2013. Well, in a recent Snapchat shared by Gigi, in which Zayn is preparing her a lovely fried chicken meal, it appears as though Zayn’s Perrie Edwards tattoo may have gotten covered up by some new shaded ink. Is it possible he covered up his Perrie tattoo in favor of a piece dedicated to Gigi? Or did he choose a different theme for the cover-up? OR is the photo just bad lighting.

You have to admit, when Zayn got his Perrie Edwards tattoo, you cringed a little bit, thinking, “okay, they’re madly in love now, but what if that changes??” We’ve seen plenty of examples of celebrities getting a tattoo for their significant other and then having to cover it up or get it removed when they split. In fact, the act of getting a tattoo for a boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife is pretty much universally known as the “relationship kiss of death.” Still, Zayn and Perrie seemed like a match made in heaven, and none of us saw it coming when they called off their engagement in August 2015.

So, it came as a bit of a surprise when, one year after they called it quits, Zayn was still rocking the portrait tattoo of Perrie on his arm. I mean, Gigi couldn’t have been a big fan of the ink, right? Well, judging by the model’s recent Snapchat post, it’s possible Zayn has actually gone the extra mile in his relationship with Gigi and covered up that pesky tattoo of his ex-fiancée, which should be visible just above his right elbow, but doesn’t appear to be. Of course, there are still some people who are calling bullsh*t on the whole thing, saying that there’s no way Zayn Malik’s Perrie tattoo is gone for good.


So what do you all think? Did Zayn finally cover up his Perrie Edwards tattoo with some new ink? Or is Perrie still going strong on her ex’s arm? Leave your opinions in the comments section below!

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  1. gravatar Mckalah Jimenez Reply
    March 22nd, 2017

    I think that he just wants to try to get over her already because he already found someone new and better than Perrie Edwards.

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