Zayn Malik’s Heart Tattoo, Covered-Up Japanese Symbol, and “Don’t Think I Won’t” Quote Tat

Zayn Malik’s Heart Tattoo, Covered-Up Japanese Symbol, and “Don’t Think I Won’t” Quote Tat
By | On December 24, 2012

Zayn Malik’s Heart Tattoo and Covered-Up Japanese Symbol TatIf we know anything at all about pop star tattoos – and we’re pretty sure we know a lot – it’s that they aren’t always here to stay. Take Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, for example. Both belong to the British boy band One Direction, both are covered in tattoos, and both have had to cover up tattoos that they ending up regretting down the road. They also both have large filled-in black hearts inked on their bodies – Harry’s on his left arm and Zayn’s on his hip/stomach area – which Zayn conveniently used to cover up the Japanese “born lucky” symbol he originally had inked on his right hip.

Zayn’s Filled-in Heart Tattoo

Whether Zayn decided he didn’t need any more luck or he just got tired of having a trendy Japanese symbol tattoo, he eventually had the “born lucky” hip tat covered up with a black heart. Zayn’s heart tattoo is rather large and is filled in with black ink, similar to the filled-in black heart Harry Styles sports on his upper left arm. Rumor has it that friends Lou Teasdale and Tom Atkin also have similar black heart tattoos, so perhaps Zayn Malik’s tattoo has a deeper meaning than just functioning as an easy cover up. Harry didn’t get his heart tattoo until December 2012 though, at the same time he got the huge ship inked on his arm, so perhaps Zayn’s hip tattoo was the inspiration behind Harry’s ink!

Covered-Up “Born Lucky” Symbol on Zayn’s Hip

Zayn Malik Japanese Symbol and Heart TattoosQuite a few of Zayn Malik’s tattoos represent good luck or good fortune, including the Japanese symbol the singer had inked on his right hip/stomach area, which stood for “born lucky.” During an interview with Capital FM in September 2011, Zayn confirmed that he had three (only three!!) tattoos at that point in time, including “a yin-yang sign, my granddad’s name in Arabic on my chest, and I have some Japanese writing on my stomach.” When asked about the meaning behind the Japanese tattoo, Zayn replied, “it says ‘born lucky,’” which is apparently true because One Direction was celebrating their #1 single “What Makes You Beautiful” at that time.

Zayn Malik’s “Don’t Think I Won’t” Tat on His Hip

zayn malik don't think i won't hip tattooThe One Direction boys love to get their favorite phrases inked on their bodies, and Zayn Malik is no exception. The singer has the phrase “don’t think I wont” inked on his left hip in black ink, and the writing in the tat is just about as crude as Harry Styles’ “Hi” tattoo on his left bicep. Harry Styles’ tattoo was actually inked in Louis’ handwriting, so it’s possible that Zayn’s hip tattoo was also inked by one of his bandmates. Wondering about the inspiration behind Zayn’s tat? “Don’t Think I Won’t” is a song by country music artist Mark Wills, and the lyrics go: “If you need someone who will promise you blue skies / If you think old-fashioned love’s out of style / You’ve probably got the wrong guy / But if you need someone to walk through fire for you / I’m just the man to do it, don’t think I wont.” Hmm…sounds like a tribute to Zayn’s fiancée, Perrie Edwards, if you ask us!

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