Zayn Malik’s Star Wars Lightsaber Tattoo Lights Up with UV Ink!

Zayn Malik’s Star Wars Lightsaber Tattoo Lights Up with UV Ink!
By | On July 15, 2016

Zayn Malik has a brand-new tattoo of a lightsaber inked on the middle finger of his right hand, and the cool part is, the top section of the lightsaber is actually done in ultraviolet (UV) ink so that it lights up blue when put under a blacklight! Zayn’s new tattoo was done by New York City-based tattoo artist Jon Boy on July 14, and marks tattoo number 48 for the 23-year-old, who has everything from a mandala tattoo on his hand to a cartoon portrait of ex-fiancée Perrie Edwards on his upper arm.

Jon Boy posted an Instagram photo of Zayn Malik’s new tattoo on July 14, along with the caption, “May the force be with you @zayn #uvink #starwars #jonboytattoo,” situating two photos side-by-side of the regular old tattoo and then the tattoo lighting up blue under a UV light. Jon Boy also posted a photo on Instagram of himself posing with Zayn Malik and pals Luka Sabbat and Anwar Hadid, brother to Zayn’s current girlfriend, model Gigi Hadid. Zayn has yet to post photos of his new Star Wars finger tattoo on his own social media accounts, but we doubt he’ll wait long to show off the unique ink.

UV tattoos are a big trend right now, especially for all those die-hard Harry Potter fans who are getting tattoos inspired by the infamous Marauder’s Map, done with UV ink so the rest of the tattoo remains hidden until it’s put under a blacklight. Speaking about the current rise in popularity of UV tattoos, Jon Boy recently said, “I’ve been in the business for over 16 years. I remember when UV first hit the market. At the time, it was fairly new so people were a little iffy about how safe it was. I’ve had mine for years. I recommend it.”


Zayn Malik is kind of a trendsetter when it comes to tattoos, and now when the singer wants to flip someone the bird, he can soften the blow by simultaneously saying “May the force be with you.” And if he just happens to be in a club that has blacklights, his middle digit will really make a statement! What do you all think of Zayn Malik’s UV Star Wars tattoo? How many of you are already heading to the tattoo shop to get your own ultraviolet Star Wars lightsaber tattoo??

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