Zayn Malik Covers His Fingers w/ Sketchy Symbol Designs

Zayn Malik Covers His Fingers w/ Sketchy Symbol Designs
By | On September 14, 2016

Zayn Malik has always had a pretty discerning eye when it comes to tattoos (just look at the lotus flower tattoo on his wrist and the complex mandala on the back of his hand!), but the singer recently showed off some new ink on his fingers that has us wondering if he’s taking tattoo cues from Miley Cyrus, whose fingers are covered in random images and designs. Zayn’s new tattoos are inked on the index, middle, ring and pinkie fingers of his left hand, and appear to feature hieroglyphics-like designs or symbols.

We first caught a glimpse of Zayn Malik’s finger tattoos on September 7, when photos cropped up online of Zayn arriving at the apartment of his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, in New York City. In the photos, Zayn, dressed head to toe in black, appears to have four tattoos inked on the uppermost parts of the fingers on his left hand, including a cross and dots design on his index finger, a diamond and chevron design on his middle finger, a triangle and crescent moon design on his ring finger, and an arrow-like design with three triangles on his pinkie finger.


On September 12, Gigi Hadid took to Snapchat to show off some images of Zayn playing the guitar – with a “morning handsome” caption, of course – and in the post, it looks like Zayn has similar DIY-type symbols inked on the middle parts of his left-hand fingers as well. Visible in the photo (and other photos that have cropped up online since) is a tattoo of a chevron and dot on his index finger, a tattoo of two lines and three dots on his middle finger, a tattoo of two chevrons on his ring finger, and a tattoo of an “X” on his pinkie finger.


Zayn has yet to say anything publicly about his finger tattoos, but these kind of symbols can mean any number of things, or they may mean nothing at all. Maybe he just felt like experimenting with DIY tattoos and decided to ink a bunch of random symbols on his fingers. Until he lets us in on the meaning behind the ink, we’ll just have to continue to stalk Gigi’s Snapchat stories to get some clues as to the significance of the symbols in Zayn’s finger tats. In the meantime, tell us your thoughts on Zayn Malik’s tattoos in the comments section below!

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