Zayn Malik’s “Friday?” Chest Tattoo

Zayn Malik’s “Friday?” Chest Tattoo
By | On August 24, 2012

One of Zayn Malik’s more mysterious tattoos is the “Friday?” tat he got inked in August 2012, on his right collarbone, in the exact same spot as the Arabic “Be true to who you are” tat he sports on his left collarbone. Zayn must have hit up Harry Styles’ go-to artist for this tattoo, because the word “Friday” is inked in a pretty crude-looking text, similar to most of the pieces in Harry’s extensive tattoo collection. Some of the letters in Zayn Malik’s tattoo are capitalized and some are lower case so that the ink actually reads “FRidAY?”

According to one source, Zayn’s cousin Aaroosa said the One Direction singer’s collarbone tattoo is an inside joke. Apparently, Zayn is always asking the One Direction boys if it’s Friday yet, hence the question mark included in the “Friday?” tattoo. We can’t blame Zayn for getting the chest tat – who doesn’t crave a little TGIF every week??


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  1. gravatar Zayn Reply
    April 13th, 2016

    because he’s a muslim and he avoids going to jumma at mosque on friday

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