Zayn Malik Gets “Love” Hand Tattoo…Are He and Gigi Hadid Engaged??

Zayn Malik Gets “Love” Hand Tattoo…Are He and Gigi Hadid Engaged??
By | On January 19, 2017

Some of you may still be bitter about Zayn Malik’s split from Perrie Edwards, but that was soooo 2015. It’s been over a year since that very public engagement-ending breakup, and Zayn has obviously moved on, judging by the new tattoo he has inked on his hand. While out in New York City on January 17, the solo artist inadvertently revealed a new tattoo on the top of his right hand reading “love” in a simple, scrawling black script. There are already rumors circulating the Internet that Zayn and girlfriend Gigi Hadid may be planning to tie the knot, and Zayn’s new tattoo is doing nothing to quell those rumors.

Zayn is in New York City this week, along with nearly a dozen other celebrities and fashion icons, to film a cameo for the upcoming heist comedy, Ocean’s Eight, and while his impeccable sense of style is likely what landed him the role in the film, the new tattoo scrawled across Zayn’s knuckles is what caught our attention. In case you’re shaking your head, thinking we’re reading way too much into a simple tattoo, get this: Earlier this week, Gigi Hadid was spotted walking around New York City with a plain gold band on her left-hand ring finger. Though we would expect Zayn to splurge on a rock for Gigi if he were to ask for her hand in marriage, the combination of the ring and the “love” tattoo is enough to cause a stir, don’t you think?

gigi hadid ring

While Zayn’s left hand is virtually covered in ink, including a giant Hindu mandala piece and some mysterious symbols on his fingers, his right hand previously featured just two tattoos, a pair of partially-opened red lips blowing out a curl of smoke on the back of his hand, and a glow-in-the-dark lightsaber tattoo on his middle finger. This new “love” tattoo is a welcome addition to Zayn Malik’s tattoo collection, which has been growing in force over the past year, and, lucky for him, is generic enough that if he and Gigi call it quits, he doesn’t have to get a giant UFO space scene tattoo to cover it up (See: Zayn’s cover-up of his Perrie Edwards portrait tat).

Though Zayn has yet to reveal who is responsible for his latest ink, one of the singer’s go-to tattoo artists is JonBoy, and it just so happens that Gigi’s little sister, Bella Hadid, visited JonBoy’s New York City tattoo shop over the weekend to get a tiny pair of angel’s wings inked on her ankle. Is it possible Zayn accompanied Bella and got his “love” hand tattoo at the same time?

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