Zayn Extends Henna-Style Wrist Tat With New Hindu Mandala Hand Ink

Zayn Extends Henna-Style Wrist Tat With New Hindu Mandala Hand Ink
By | On December 1, 2014

During the same Sydney, Australia tattoo session that resulted in at least three new tattoos for One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, bandmade Zayn Malik went under the needle as well, opting to extend his henna-style wrist tattoo with some new black and white floral ink added to his hand. Zayn Malik’s tattoo is located on the back of his left hand, and features a cool tribal triangle design inked in a curved horizontal arc where his previous wrist tattoo ends, and above that, a black and white henna-type flower tat extending up towards his fingers, with dots in the shape of the flower petals completing the design.

We first got wind of Zayn Malik’s new tattoo when Bondi Ink tattoo artist Shaun “Bones” Boer posted an Instagram photo of Zayn and Louis posing with the shop’s tattoo artists, along with the caption: “So I tattooed Zayn’s hand from @onedirection no big deal!” In the photo, which was posted on November 28, Zayn is holding up his left hand in a fist, clearly proud of his new ink. It wasn’t until November 30, when Boer posted an up-close picture of Zayn’s tattoo that we were able to make out the exact design, which flows seamlessly into the henna-style wrist tattoo the singer had inked back in February. Boer captioned the latest photo, “A better look at Zayn’s custom mandala I designed and tattooed on his hand. No pressure at all!”

zayn-malik-louis-tomlinson-tattoosZayn Malik’s new hand tattoo may look like a random flower design, but according to his tattoo artist, the ink is actually a custom “mandala,” which in Sanskrit means “circle.” According to Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol that represents the Universe, and the basic design typically consists of a square with four gates containing a circle with a center point. The term “mandala” is of Sanskrit origin, and while the symbol was commonly used in various Hindu and Buddhist spiritual traditions in the past, mandala has since become a generic term for any chart, diagram or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos – a microcosm of the universe.

photo-closeThis isn’t the first time Zayn has gone under the needle for a foreign tattoo representing something he holds close to his heart. The pop star also sports an Arabic tattoo meaning “Be true to who you are” on his left collarbone and his grandfather’s name written in Arabic on his chest. His new Hindu mandala tattoo though seems to be far more spiritual, and the meaning behind the ink gives us all a little insight into Zayn’s belief system. Stay tuned to find out more about Zayn Malik’s hand tattoo!

Thanks to reader Aimee Reider for helping us out in identifying this tattoo!!

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