Zayn Malik Adds a Bunch of New Comic Book Tattoos to His Leg!

Zayn Malik Adds a Bunch of New Comic Book Tattoos to His Leg!
By | On June 6, 2017

A couple of months ago, after suffering what appeared to be a serious injury to his left foot, Zayn Malik was confined to a wheelchair, and when photos surfaced online of the singer being wheeled into girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s New York City apartment, we spotted a ton of new tattoos on his left shin, where he previously had just two pieces of a wolf and a “smoking man.” Among Zayn Malik’s leg tattoos are a full-body image of the Incredible Hulk, a portrait of the Joker from the Batman DC Comics series, a red and black portrait of Deadpool from the Marvel Comics franchise, and “RODGER” inked in large capital letters, which is the name of Zayn’s alter ego or “evil twin.”

Zayn has been concentrating on inking up his chest and arms lately, adding an “SGT 2-4-17” tat to his forearm, a new flower tat to his shoulder, and a goat skull and flames tattoo to his chest, all within the past few months, but it appears the singer has also been secretly adding pieces to his leg, without showing them off on social media. In the photos of Zayn being wheeled into Gigi’s apartment in a wheelchair, the singer’s left pant leg is rolled up, and several never-before-seen tattoos are on display on his shin, including the Incredible Hulk and the Joker, both of which are inked below his old wolf and feather tattoo. Above the Hulk and Joker is the Deadpool tattoo, and along the side of Zayn’s left shin is the “RODGER” tat.

We all know that Zayn Malik is a huge fan of comic book and cartoon characters, which is why he sports a large “ZAP!” tattoo on his right forearm, showing in a very permanent way how much Zayn loves his comics. In 2014, Marvel Comics editor Mark Paniccia even admitted that the All-New Ghost Rider character was inspired by the pop star, complete with the signature “skunk stripe” in his hair that Zayn rocked for a long time. With these new comic-inspired tattoos, Zayn Malik brings his total tat count up over 60, making him one of the most tattooed pop stars in the game. And while Zayn and Gigi Hadid have been dating since November 2015, and appear to be happier than ever, the pop star has yet to get a tattoo tribute to the model. Perhaps he learned his lesson after getting a portrait tattoo of ex-fiancée Perrie Edwards!

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