Zayn Malik’s Lightning Bolt, “Pirate’s Life” and “BUS 1” Tattoos

Zayn Malik’s Lightning Bolt, “Pirate’s Life” and “BUS 1” Tattoos
By | On August 11, 2013

On August 10, 2013, we speculated that the boys of One Direction may have gotten matching tats, and on August 11, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson revealed their mysterious new ink – but it wasn’t just one measly tattoo apiece! The British heartthrobs hit up a tattoo parlor in Los Angeles, and die-hard fans that swarmed the studio kept us all updated on the goings-on inside, which apparently resulted in three new tattoos for Zayn Malik and two for Louis Tomlinson. Although Harry Styles has racked up the most tattoos of the One Direction band members, Zayn is hot on his heels and Louis isn’t far behind either. Among the new tattoos that Zayn Malik got inked this past weekend are: a lightning bolt on the outside of his right arm, the phrase “It’s a pirate’s life for me,” inked below the playing card tat on his right side, and “BUS 1” written on the outside of his left hand.

“It’s a Pirate’s Life for Me” on Zayn’s Side

Directly below his tattoo of a playing card and crown on his right side, Zayn got a tattoo reading “It’s a pirate’s life for me” in black italic font. Apparently Zayn Malik’s tattoo is a tribute to The Cab singer Alex DeLeon, who got the same tattoo in the same exact place as Zayn. The boys showed off their new tattoos in a shirtless photo that also revealed the new lightning bolt tattoo Zayn sports on the outside of his right arm. It’s no secret that the boys of One Direction love getting matching tattoos, with each other and with other buddies as well. Harry Styles’ “PINGU” tattoo on the inside of his left arm is a “bro tat” with pal Ed Sheeran, and all the 1D band members share matching screw tattoos that they say keep them grounded. So, it’s no surprise that Zayn and friend Alex DeLeon opted for matching pirate tats.

Zayn’s New Lightning Bolt Arm Tattoo


In the pic of Zayn Malik and Alex DeLeon showing off their matching “it’s a pirate’s life for me” tattoos, Zayn also revealed a new lightning bolt tattoo on the outside of his right arm. Zayn’s arm tattoo depicts a simple lightning bolt design outlined in black and not filled in with ink. Zayn hasn’t divulged the meaning behind his lightning bolt tattoo yet, but judging by the significance of his other tats, we’re guessing it’s either a bro tat with one of his buddies or has something to do with his love for comics, similar to Zayn Malik’s “ZAP!” tattoo on his right arm. Judging by the location of Zayn’s arm tattoo – directly next to his giant Perrie Edwards tat – we’re guessing the singer is planning to cover the rest of his right arm in ink for a full sleeve!

Zayn Malik’s “BUS 1” Tat on the Outside of His Hand

We told you the One Direction boys love getting inked together! During what was apparently a marathon tattoo weekend, Zayn Malik got another new tattoo on the outside of his left hand that reads “BUS 1” in a simple black font, which is meant to commemorate the One Direction tour bus. Being that the One Direction boys were in L.A. wrapping up the North American leg of their Take Me Home tour when the tat was inked, our guess is that Zayn Malik’s tattoo was inked in honor of the band’s success in the U.S. We’re thinking this hand tattoo was inked during a previous tattoo session, when Zayn was spotted leaving the Shamrock Tattoo Parlor in L.A. earlier this week with a bandage over his left hand. Zayn was accompanied that evening by a security guard who sported an identical bandage on the same hand, so we’re guessing Zayn wasn’t the only one of the One Direction crew to get the “BUS 1” tat!

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