Zerrie Engagement Called Off: What Will Zayn Do About His Perrie Edwards Tattoo??

Zerrie Engagement Called Off: What Will Zayn Do About His Perrie Edwards Tattoo??
By | On August 6, 2015

Zayn Malik has been making big changes in his life recently – quitting One Direction and launching a career as a solo artist – and his recent decision to call off his two-year engagement to Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards has us wondering what he’s going to do about the huge Perrie portrait tattoo he has inked on his arm?? Back in June 2013, Zayn Malik made the bold (and now-regrettable) decision to get a portrait of then-girlfriend Perrie Edwards inked on the upper part of his right arm, just above his banana elbow tattoo. The black and white tattoo features a cartoonish version of Perrie wearing a pom-pom hat, crop top and low-rise jeans, and was based on a sketch that Zayn did himself.

At the time, everyone thought it was adorable that Zayn had the guts to get such a permanent tribute to his love for Perrie, whom he proposed to just two months later, but now we’re just wondering what tattoo he’s going to get to cover up that embarrassing reminder of his failed relationship. It’s not uncommon for inked-up celebrities to cover up tattoo tributes to their exes – just look at Amber Rose, Iggy Azalea and Nick Cannon for some recent examples – and Zayn’s potential tattoo cover-up has become a popular topic of conversation on the Internet recently, with some speculating that he may decide to replace Perrie’s head in the tattoo with a portrait of Louis Tomlinson.

zayn and perrieFor Perrie Edward’s part, the Little Mix singer is said to be “absolutely livid” and “humiliated” that Zayn decided to break off their engagement two weeks ago, just three years after the couple started dating and after they went and bought their first home together, for God’s sake. During an appearance on E! in Los Angeles this week, Perrie was asked how she was coping with the unexpected breakup, and the singer said simply, “I’m good, thank you,” before her Little Mix bandmates jumped in and said Perrie didn’t want to talk about it. Well, whatever she’s feeling about her split from Zayn, we’re betting Perrie is counting her lucky stars she never returned the favor and got a Zayn Malik tattoo!

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