Zayn Malik’s Right Arm Sleeve Tattoos

Zayn Malik’s Right Arm Sleeve Tattoos
By | On December 12, 2012

Ever since he got the first tattoo inked on his right arm in early 2012, Zayn Malik has been concentrating on filling up the lower part of his right arm with ink, and he is now the proud owner of an impressive half sleeve tattoo! Unlike his friend and band mate Harry Styles – who has racked up 40+ tattoos of his own in the past couple of years – Zayn has actually worked towards incorporating his collection of arm tattoos into a cohesive sleeve. Harry, on the other hand, has seemingly random tattoos and scribbles scattered across his body, and they seem way less thought out and meaningful than Zayn Malik’s tattoos. Check out the collection of ink that Zayn has included as part of his half-sleeve tattoo!

Zayn’s Fingers Crossed Arm Tattoo

What is now a complete half-sleeve on Zayn Malik’s right arm began with a simple outline of a hand on the outside of the singer’s forearm, with the index and middle fingers crossed in the universal “fingers crossed” symbol. According to Zayn, the fingers crossed tattoo on his arm stands for good luck – a theme present in many of his tattoos, including the Japanese “born lucky” tattoo he had covered up on his hip. Zayn got the unique tattoo in February 2012 and told Seventeen magazine in an interview, “It’s for the future – a hope that everything goes well.”

Tiny Puzzle Piece Tat on Zayn’s Arm

Another early addition to Zayn’s half-sleeve tattoo is the tiny outline of a jigsaw puzzle piece the singer has inked on the inner part of his arm, near his right elbow. Zayn Malik Puzzle Piece TattooThe puzzle piece tattoo was inked in May 2012, and is barely visible because of its size, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t represent something important to the pop star. The only problem is, we have no idea what that is! Judging by some of Zayn Malik’s other tattoos and his recent tweets, he seems like a guy that is thankful for his friends and family, so it’s possible the puzzle piece tattoo represents a connection he has with a loved one.

Update: We were right! Turns out, Zayn’s puzzle piece tattoo matches the same one his best friend, Anthony Riach (Ant), has.

Zayn’s Tattoo of Microphone w/ Ink Splatter

Zayn Malik Microphone TattooOne of Zayn Malik’s largest tattoos is the gigantic microphone he got inked on the inside of his right forearm in June 2012. The microphone tattoo is inked in black and white and the design is extremely detailed and well-done. In fact, Zayn Malik’s tattoo of the microphone may even be to scale, which would explain why some of the other One Direction band members occasionally hold their mics up to their arms to look like Zayn’s tat. The microphone wire wraps around to the outside of Zayn’s wrist, and there is a large splatter of black ink tattooed below the microphone as well.

Giant “ZAP!” Tattoo on Zayn’s Arm

One of the few colorful tattoos Zayn Malik has is the giant “ZAP!” tattoo he got inked on the outside of his right forearm in August 2012, making up a large portion of the half-sleeve. The cartoonish tat features a black and red splatter with the word “ZAP!” inked overtop in yellow, and represents Zayn’s love for comic books. Zayn Malik Zap TattooSome people claim that the meaning of the “ZAP!” tattoo is Zayn and Perrie, who is Zayn’s girlfriend and a member of the girl band Little Mix. During a recent interview however, Zayn explained the arm tattoo: “Basically it stands for a society of club zappers. Me and Louis are captain zappers and we have converted the rest of the boys, they are part of it.” Zayn also told Seventeen magazine, “[It] just symbolizes my love for comic books. It filled a nice spot, and I’ve always loved comic book art.” Zayn later changed up the arm tattoo so the entire background is now black instead of black and red.

Zayn’s Large Boombox Arm Tattoo

Zayn Malik BoomBox TattooNext to his crossed fingers tattoo, Zayn Malik has a large boombox inked in black and white on the inside of his right forearm. Zayn’s stereo tattoo was inked in October 2012, and the singer hasn’t said much about this tattoo, but we have a feeling it probably plays into his background in music. OR it just conveniently filled in the space he had left on his sleeve tattoo, which is also a possibility.

Bandana Tattoo on Zayn’s Elbow

One of Zayn Malik’s lesser-known tattoos is the bandana tat he has inked on the outside of his right elbow. The bandana in the arm tattoo is inked in black and white, and Zayn Malik Bandana Tattoolooks like it is folded so the pointed triangle portion of the bandana hangs down below his elbow and the straight part wraps around to the inside of his forearm. Zayn Malik’s tattoo of the bandana was inked at Shamrock Tattoos in West Hollywood in November 2012, while the One Direction boys were in L.A. promoting their new album Take Me Home. Harry Styles’ swallows tattoo on his chest was inked the same day!

“Chillin” Tat w/ Palm Tree on Zayn’s Arm

In between his “ZAP!” and bandana tattoos, Zayn sports kind of a childish arm tattoo that reads “chillin” in bubble letters and also has a palm tree leaning over the letters. We have to admit, this isn’t our favorite of Zayn Malik’s tattoos, and we’re glad the bubble letters sort of blend in to the rest of the tats on the singer’s right arm. Zayn Malik Chillin TattooZayn’s “chillin” tattoo was inked in December 2012, along with several of the other tats included in the singer’s impressive half-sleeve.

Zayn’s Arm Tattoo of “M.S.G. 3 12 12”

One of Zayn’s more recent arm tattoos is located near his right wrist and reads “M.S.G.” in large letters and the date “3 12 12” below in very small text. Zayn Malik’s arm tattoo was inked by artist John Bahel prior to One Direction hitting the stage for Z100’s annual Jingle Ball concert in December 2012. The “M.S.G.” in Zayn’s arm tattoo stands for Madison Square Garden, and the numbers stand for December 3, 2012 (they write their dates with the day first and month second in the UK). After tattooing both Zayn and bandmate Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik MSG TattooBahel posted pics of the boys getting inked on Twitter, along with the caption: “I usually don’t make house calls but made an exception for #onedirection #zaynmalik #louistomlinson.”

Large Skull Tat on Zayn’s Arm

The final addition to Zayn Malik’s half-sleeve tattoo was the large skull the singer has inked on the inside of his right forearm, nestled in between his microphone and “ZAP!” tattoos. Unlike his other skull tattoos, the skull tat on his right arm is very realistic looking, and it also has a slingshot inked behind it with the sling portion of the slingshot hanging in front of the skull’s forehead. Zayn Malik Half Sleeve TattooZayn got his skull tattoo inked in December 2012, at the very same tattoo shop where Harry Styles got his infamous giant ship and black heart tattoos the previous night!

Large and Small Numbers Inked on Zayn’s Arm

Zayn has a collection of seemingly random numbers inked on his right arm, including a large number 6 near his fingers crossed and “ZAP!” tattoos, a smaller number 6 near the microphone wire on the inside of his forearm, Zayn Malik 165616 Tattoosanother tiny number 6 on the outside of his wrist, a small number 1 below the fingers crossed tat, another number 1 above the fingers crossed tattoo, and a miniature number 5 near the ink splatter of his microphone tattoo. When viewed separately, the numbers 6-6-6-1-1-5 don’t appear to have any meaning, but when you put them together in the right order, 1-6-5-6-1-6, you have Zayn Malik’s X Factor audition number! Auditioning on the show changed his life forever, so he is obviously honoring that in a private way with the numbers discreetly scattered throughout his sleeve tattoo.

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