Zayn Malik Rocks New Flower and “M” Shoulder Tattoos, Adds Flames to Goat Skull Ink

Zayn Malik Rocks New Flower and “M” Shoulder Tattoos, Adds Flames to Goat Skull Ink
By | On April 17, 2017


Zayn Malik’s tattoo collection is growing faster than ever, and less than two weeks after debuting the cryptic “SGT 2-4-17” tattoo on his arm, the pop star has revealed three new tattoos – a new flames addition to the goat skull tattoo on his chest, and a script letter “M” and large flower design on his left shoulder, which were done during a previous tattoo session that took place earlier in the month. All three Zayn Malik tattoos were spotted in an Instagram photo posted on April 15, by Natives with Ink, a tattoo shop in Southampton, New York, but the flower and “M” shoulder tattoos were originally posted on Instagram on April 4, and were likely done during the same tattoo session as Zayn’s “SGT 2-4-17” arm tattoo.

A tattoo artist at Natives with Ink tattooed the new addition to Zayn’s goat skull chest piece, adding some flame-like designs that extend out from the skull towards the singer’s right and left shoulders, blending in with his “Friday?” and “Be true to who you are” Arabic collarbone tattoos. In the photo the tattoo shop posted to Instagram, where the new flames addition to Zayn’s goat skull chest tattoo is featured, you can see the flower and “M” tattoos on his left shoulder, both of which were done prior to that April 15 tattoo session. The Natives with Ink tattoo artist also posted a photo of himself posing with Zayn on the shop’s Instagram account, captioning the snap, “Today I had the honor of tattooing @zayn former member of One Direction Zayn Malik. Appreciate the love [homie], real humble dude. I enjoyed the company, see you next time.”

As for the meaning behind Zayn’s new tattoos, the singer has yet to explain what inspired him to get the flower piece on his shoulder, but the design is similar to the henna-style tattoo on his left wrist, and the Hindu mandala ink on that same hand, and the flower tattoo acts as a sort of filler piece for Zayn’s shoulder, bringing together as a cohesive group of tattoos, the singer’s Arabic collarbone tat, the wing in his lips chest piece, the smoking skull in a top hat, and the new script “M” piece. Zayn has yet to explain the significance of this “M” shoulder tattoo either, but it’s possible that the letter stands for his family name, Malik.

Zayn must have enjoyed his experience getting tattooed at Natives with Ink last week, because the shop also wrote on Instagram, “We got the next tattoo planned out [for Zayn], stay tuned.” Check back with us soon to see what tattoo Zayn Malik gets next!

A special thanks to PST fan Jordan B. for help in discovering these tattoos!

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  1. gravatar ell Reply
    April 23rd, 2017

    the ‘m’ is not new, it’s part of his ‘Mind of Mine’ piece for his album.

  2. gravatar Olivia Stypayhorlikson Reply
    October 16th, 2017

    Liam Malik.

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