Zayn Malik’s Shoulder Skull Tattoos

Zayn Malik’s Shoulder Skull Tattoos
By | On March 24, 2013

One Direction’s Zayn Malik is as much of a tattoo lover as the rest of the British boy-banders, although his ink is slightly less random and scribbly than Harry Styles’ tattoos, thank God. When it comes to Zayn Malik’s tattoos, there appears to be a couple of consistent themes that he incorporates into a lot of his ink, including good luck and skulls. Zayn already has a few skull tattoos inked on his body – including one on each shoulder – but each piece is completely different than the next, which makes the tattoos interesting and unique. Wondering why Zayn has such an affinity for skull tattoos? Perhaps he is taking notes from Chris Brown, who has two skull tattoos inked on his hands. Zayn did admit last year that he is a big fan of the inked-up Breezy, and the skull tats aren’t the only artwork the two have in common. Read on to learn more about Zayn Malik’s shoulder tattoos!

Smoking Skull Tattoo on Zayn’s Left Shoulder

Keeping with his skull tattoo theme, Zayn Malik had a skull tat inked on his left shoulder in March 2013. Slightly more whimsical than his skull and crossbones tattoo, the piece on his left shoulder features a cartoonish skull with devil horns sporting a top hat and smoking a cigarette. Zayn’s shoulder tattoo was inked by artist Bob Done, of the Magnum Opus tattoo shop in the UK, who tweeted a picture of the smoking skull along with the caption: “Just tattooed a snazzy little skull on my homeboy @zaynmalik thanks dude! See you soon!” Zayn hasn’t yet let us in on the meaning behind his skull tattoo, but some people say the artwork resembles the Baron Samedi, a Loa of Haitian Voodoo that represents obscenity, sex, debauchery, the dead and resurrection, and also has a taste for tobacco and top hats. Hmm…that sounds about right!Zayn Malik Skull and Crossbones Tattoo

Zayn’s Skull & Crossbones Tat on Right Shoulder

Zayn Malik’s first skull tattoo was inked on his right shoulder and depicts a pretty intimidating skull and crossbones design. The shoulder tattoo is inked in black and white and the singer apparently named the skull “Earl,” which at least makes the piece slightly less scary. Zayn got his skull tattoo in October 2012, and showed off the ink the following month during a backstage interview on X Factor Sweden. Zayn Malik’s tattoo faces kind of sideways on his right shoulder and is inked just below the pop star’s “Friday?” tattoo. We’re not entirely sure what Zayn’s skull tattoo represents, but the 20-year-old appears to be the resident bad boy of the One Direction crew, so perhaps the ink marks him as a bad ass!

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