Zayn Malik Debuts Weird Space Monkey and Geometric Shape Tattoos

Zayn Malik Debuts Weird Space Monkey and Geometric Shape Tattoos
By | On October 25, 2013

Ever since adding the tiger tattoo to his collection in September 2013, Zayn Malik has apparently been on an animal fix, getting inked with a huge snake tattoo earlier this month, and now a brand-new monkey tattoo. But not just any monkey…a space monkey. That’s right, just two weeks after revealing the much-talked-about snake tat on his right shoulder while performing in Australia, the One Direction singer has debuted a very weird tattoo of a space monkey on his right arm, nestled between his snake and Perrie Edwards tats. In addition to the space monkey tattoo, Zayn has also added a few new geometric shapes to accompany the lightning bolt tattoo on the back of his right arm, including simple outlines of two squares, a triangle and a circle.

Shortly after news broke that Harry Styles dropped nearly $250,000 in hopes of joining Justin Bieber and Brad Pit on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic voyage into space next year, Zayn Malik has apparently joined in on the outer space thing as well. When choosing his latest tat, Zayn opted for a black and white image of a monkey wearing a space helmet on the upper part of his right arm. We’re guessing that Zayn got the space monkey tattoo in Australia, since the new ink wasn’t there when we caught a glimpse of Zayn’s snake tattoo during a One Direction performance in Sydney on October 17.

zayn malik upper arm tattoos

It was while the One Direction boys were still hanging out in Sydney for their Take Me Home tour that the latest Zayn Malik tattoo was revealed, and the new monkey ink really has us scratching our heads. We get that Zayn has a thing for animals – with two bird tattoos, a wolf tat, a tattoo of a tiger, and a snake tattoo so far – but why the space monkey? The pop star has always been obsessed with comics, so maybe he’s also a big fan of the animated television series Captain Simian & the Space Monkeys or something. And why the random geometric shapes? We may never know what drives these One Direction boys to get such crazy tattoos, but we hope they keep on coming!

zayn malik space monkey

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