Zayn Malik’s Leg Tattoo of a Wolf & Feathers

Zayn Malik’s Leg Tattoo of a Wolf & Feathers
By | On May 25, 2013

Having reached his goal of completing the half-sleeve tattoo on his right arm, Zayn Malik needed some new real estate for his next tattoo, which he ended up inking on the shin of his left leg. Zayn Malik’s leg tattoo features the head of a large brown wolf with two beaded feathers inked alongside the surprisingly gentle-looking creature, which was supposedly a tribute to Jacob Black. We’d hate to see anyone get a tattoo in honor of the Twilight series though, so we’re going to hope that’s not true. No, we have a feeling there is probably a deeper meaning behind Zayn Malik’s tattoo, judging by some of his other inspirational ink, including the “be true to who you are” tat on his collarbone. Zayn’s wolf tattoo was inked by artist Paul O’Connor at a tattoo shop in the UK, where Zayn and girlfriend Perrie were visiting Perrie’s mother for her birthday, and Zayn revealed the leg tattoo on Instagram in May 2013.

Not only did the inked-up Zayn share photos of the finished product, but he also posted pics of the tattoo process, looking cool as a cucumber (shaved leg and all!) despite the shin being an incredibly painful spot to get inked. Although we’re still not clear on the actual meaning of the ink, Zayn’s wolf tattoo is a nice addition to One Direction’s animal tattoo collection (which includes Louis Tomlinson’s birds and stag tattoos and Harry Styles’ swallow tattoos on his chest), although we’re not sure it was his One Direction buddies that inspired Zayn’s wolf tattoo. Last year, Zayn admitted to being a big fan of Chris Brown – whose extensive tattoo collection includes a large wolf tat on his neck – so perhaps the British boy bander is striving to match Breezy’s tattoo status. If that’s the case, there will be plenty more Zayn Malik tattoos on the future, that’s for sure!

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  1. gravatar Jay Reply
    April 24th, 2015

    A nickname of Liam’s is “wolf” because he is from wolverhampton. you’re welcome.

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